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  1. McManus I love these armors, they are really the only 'skimpy' versions of the in-game armors. My only complaint is there isn't a non-'Round' version of powered armor, and I would love to see heels on all the leg models. Otherwise it's fantastic and I wish there were more skimpy armors in general!
  2. After digging through X's first thread (Thank goodness someone is indexing all these!) I was nevertheless very confused by all the WOTC_WOTCTorsoRack/Sack/Pack and all variations and unsure how this all fit together. I was also getting invisible meshes with other mods, namely Wrex/Kexx's SFW clothing on the workshop. After much trial and error I believe the full and complete load out that combines MrRace's models and Wrex/Kexx's mods should look like this: WOTC Props pack WOTC Torso Rack WOTC Leg Rack WOTC_Leg_Sack WOTC_LL_Pack WOTC_Props_pack
  3. I did some digging - so it looks like the schlong-equip is triggered to be equipped when armor is removed - I was digging through SSEDIT to see if I couldn't find a way to equip the schlong when both armor AND panties (slot 48) are equipped but couldn't figure out which cell to edit; anyone know?
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