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  1. Thanks! Assuming it works properly, one can create a very naughty Skyrim environment to include NPC vs NPC with Adventure. What about the consensual side of things? To include building up a relationship ultimately to marriage?
  2. Reinstall the Funny Buziness Slalpack. In the FOMOD, be sure to hit Necro animations in addition to whatever else you select. Make sure you run FNIS. Set Player gets necro'd so that either males or females can do the deed, then head over to nearest bandits hideout to get your PC killed. That should work...
  3. I want to create a rough Skyrim where there is both consensual and nonsensual sexual activity. The nonconsensual shouldn't be limited to what happens beyond city gates but can also occur within city walls as well if the PC isn't careful. What's the best combo of mods for that. I'm not interested in any of the animal stuff/strictly people -- humans, elves, orcs, etc. I know defeat is essential, but beyond that?
  4. In installation FOMODs, there may be one box for objects to be used in furniture animations, etc. I remember in one FOMOD, the animation author said his Object esp was the same as that of Anubsis and to just let one overwrite the other. That's why I ask: are all these Object esp's the same? Or will the animations of an individual modder/animator only work with the object esp that was part of his SLALPack?
  5. For some SLALPacks, there are object esp's for animations that involve objects like chairs, tables, etc. If I click to get the object esp for one pack, do I need to get the object esp's for all the other packs that require objects?
  6. I'm using MO2. No missing masters error message. The setup runs without the SexLab mods. Someone at the Discord I frequently go to says the problem has something to do with Code 193?
  7. I installed a large SSE mod list which is perfectly stabled and took up about 220 plugin spots. I tried adding in Sexlab mods since I had plenty of space, but the game refuses to boot up. What's the likely problem that would prevent the menu screen from even appearing?
  8. I had Sex Lab framework along with several SLAL packs in my load order. I ran Nemesis but it crashed halfway through. Are there any known issues with Nemesis?
  9. I see it mentioned on an old Load Order but running searches here turned up nothing.
  10. Thanks for the heads up! NPC vs NPC is rare enough as it is! (Perhaps it should be a separate mod entirely?)
  11. Hmmm....I like the NPC vs NPC feature! Is Baka better or worse in this regard?
  12. What are the benefits of the Baka version of SexLab Aroused Redux & the Baka version of Defeat?
  13. Which files do I need to download here? My female PC starts off as destitute (via alternate start mod) and is willing to engage in prostitution to avoid starvation and to have enough coin to be able to find a decent place to sleep. She's not interested in pimping other girls. OTOH, I wouldn't mind seeing other prostitutes operate 100% independently of my PC. (World's oldest profession is everywhere.) Thoughts on this?
  14. Any good threads to see what's new or what's been updated among LL mods?
  15. I've been away for awhile and return to find a new SL Framework update; any special problems with it? Any special improvements?
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