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  1. hey there, I wanna change my enb so that the surrounding grass (see picture) or overall my surroundigns are not so damn dark. I like the enb as it is but that dark shadow around me coming from drawdistance as far as I know makes me crazy. there must be a way to change it but I tinkered around in the ingame menu of the enb for the last 2 hours and didn't rly find anything to make it brighter. I use rudy enb with nat. Hopefully someone here can tell me if there is a setting to influence this. ❤️
  2. if by ontology you mean the required bikini mod, yes I did, and it was no problem to build it via bodyslide to make it fit my bodyshape
  3. I am not using cosio, I am using cbbe 3bbb, until now I was able to convert all stuff via bodyslide but I can not get this nice stuff to work. If I try to build it with my bodyshape it just stays at the cossio body, I tried to load another reference via outfit studio but that didn't help. Does anyone here have an idea or can explain me how to do so?
  4. M4rth


    Just a quick look at my new char. More might be coming soon.
  5. Ok I found the source of all evil. It was actually coming from the short grass mod itself. I deleted the normal maps (_n) files from the tundra and grass files and now it's fine even though the ground itself is still ugly. If someone knows a good texture replacer for this specific object pls tell me cus I can't find any landscape mod which covers this.
  6. I tried turning off enb and reshade, but the glossy texture remains, I ran around a bit to riverwood, there was nothing like this, this shiny stuff only appears on the grounds around whiterun.
  7. So I googled this ofc already and found numerous "fixes" about deleting normal maps and textures from oldrim and so on but it's not helping at all. Even with all texture mods that aim at landscape disabled, that glossy "moss" or whatever that ground outside of skyrim is, stays in my game. Have a look. I use rudy Enb and reshade. I already took a look under the "reflection" tab of the enb and tried tinkering around with it but it's not helping. Hopefully someone of you guys can help me out. 😆
  8. M4rth

    vids working?

    they do stuff like that? dats weird
  9. M4rth

    vids working?

    good to know :3
  10. M4rth

    vids working?

    true but I am too lazy to move all my stuff over ^^'
  11. which means, this requires work of expierienced people with bodystudio or something alike? dang ...
  12. M4rth

    vids working?

    Are the old vids I postet earlier this year working for you in chrome? Cus for me they don't, tested it with edge, and it works. thats weird.
  13. bump maybe I descibed it badly what I am kinda looking for is like this: from the description of the https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18094?tab=description mod it seems like there is a way to do it so, but he didn't rly explain very well how to obtain it.
  14. so I got the smp and collision installed and now I would like to have jiggle with certain armors and with some not. for example, a heavy full breast plate obviously should not jiggle but the cleavage should and so on. I saw this on some vids and gifs already. I found this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/18094?tab=description and in his description he talks about, that it's possible to achieve it with this mod, BUT his description how to get it done is rather meh ( or I am just too stupid) can anyone here explain me what to do? I was hoping that there mayb
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