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  1. Yeah sure. These were the two files I exported from MD, the tutorial I used (which I just noticed was for Second Life and not for Sims. I'm not sure if that is one of the problems or not,) told me to export one OBJ that is stitched together and then one OBJ that is all the 2D pieces reset to a flat lay. Thank you for your help 🙂 Harness.obj Harness3D.obj
  2. Sorry, I should've been more clear. I'll export it from Marvelous Designer using the settings Select All Patterns, Single Object, Unweld, Thin, Unified UV Coordinates, Scale: Meters, I'm not sure if those are the correct settings, those are just what I used from a tutorial I found. Then I will bring it to Blender and when I import it, it only appears on the scene list as the object name. It'll say (object name), but then I won't see it in any other way. I know how to get meshes from S4S and import and append those in Blender and I can create designs in Marvelous Designe
  3. I've been looking at YouTube videos and tutorials, but I keep screwing up somewhere along the line and it never comes out the way I want it to. I've seen MissMe's video and that's one video I keep going back to, but I'm trying to find more and I figured this would be a good place to ask since I see a lot of people trying their hand to make animations, rigging, clothes, accessories, etc. I already have a bunch of patterns I found through Pinterest and Google and I have some inspirations of clothes I want to replicate. I have Blender and Marvelous Designer 9 and when I try to export
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