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  1. picking up the game after a couple of years. what is the best lewd content for it?
  2. That mod forces you to play how the author likes the game, but on the discord everyone was very helpful and the author was pretty cool. That sais, I keep getting unimmersive marvel events from DW but I can live with that
  3. would love to see this game get the love it deserves
  4. Loving the mod so far. I have, however, encountered two issues. 1) DWR traits don't appear. If I decide to become a whore nothing changes, I get no traits. Body traits are also all absent. 2) I deactivated the heroes and villains stuff but I keep getting Marvel superhero BS. Quite unimmersive for my taste. The issues happen when playing with the Rise to Power mod. Do you know where I could look to tweak the settings? Final edit: Figured it out. Just go to risetopower.mod and delete the line replace_path="common/traits"
  5. what is this walled-off business? I'm a user who only bought hook, losing the garden feels like losing a hangout place. Idk why LL would exclude the tk17 community
  6. thanks for the great support everyone. What about skin mods? Would love to make the game look more realistic.
  7. Dear Community, after a long hiatus I'm back at playing sims 4. I was wondering what are your must-have mods and if anyone wants to share their modlist! Things I like in sims 4: Realistic looking sims Femdom Swinging Brothel owning Drugs and violence Adult careers ...probably missing a lot out! I was wondering what are your must-have mods and if anyone wants to share their modlist!
  8. Is there a way to increase the price of whores? What would I have to edit?
  9. Hi all, great job so far. love the mod. I have been playing with added races, in particular zabrak and twilek races, but they seem to initiate rimworld actions (hookup, whoring, comfort) without actually finishing them. Baseline humans don't have this issue. On a second note my necrophiliac pawn has never done anything related to the trait. Pls hlp
  10. I have been looking for mods that allow the player to be cuckolded by their spouse. I found a couple but they never worked for this aspect (such as SLEN). I need a mod like this.
  11. Are there any cuckold-themed mods?
  12. Is there a way to unlock all decisions from the mod without building the related buildings (e.g. start prostituting oneself without the RLD?) I'm trying to use this mod with 'play as a courtier'
  13. is there a way of unlocking working as a prostitute without having RLD or brothel in your demesne?
  14. How do I make my whoring colonist whore out more? She indulges in zoophilia and masturbation but very rarely solicits attempts
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