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  1. If you've got twb installed for you and it all works fine for you. what mods have you got and how did you install them. Just incase i've had a derp moment and not done something I should have.
  2. I have, I've used the exact same twb preset with same sliders for all outfits I've built but for some reason they don't match up. I do'nt understand what gone wrong i've never had this issue with cbbe and twb is all very new to me.
  3. I thought the armor had already been converted to twb, since it is a twb armor mod and uses twb presets?
  4. Hi I've got a problem with 2 true wasteland body clothing mods Lazmans female outfit HH replacer and twb aio fallout 4 armor except raider chest armor. When wareing clothing everything is fine when wareing clothing and armor there is massive clipping and the armor is floating like the wrong body has been built in bodyslide but when naked the armor fits. I have no ideas on how to fix this, as far as I can tell I have no conflicts in MO2 and using the same preset for all outfits. I dont understand whats gone wrong and how do you fix it?
  5. Yeah this is the first time i've used WOTC and its one of those mods i can't do without now. It makes Fallout more fallout like. Though i would like a fallout game where you can join the Enclave and it being a major part of the game.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I disabled WOTC and did a new char playthrow rebuilt the bash patch and merge patch. Same problem occured cant quit to desktop without it freezing forever. if I save and quit to mainmenu that works but when i quit to desktop it freezes. So i gave up on conqueror and uninstalled it and the problem went way. I've always had issues with conqueror so if I could get it to work then great but if not well its one mod I don't really need.
  7. Thanks but non of that worked in the end. Could it be a load order issue or a incompatable mod? loadorder.txt modlist.txt
  8. Hi all, how do you make a custom trait for lustful void and make it work in game? and events? As I wanted to take the futa trait and combine it with different different LV traits. Haven't decided on whitch ones yet but I wanted it to effect modifiers like sex/milk/etc job output but have doubbed the consumer goods/ food upkeep for all them sex toys n energy for sexy time. I don't know how to do this or how to do the localisation file are there any guides or can someone share their own version, I can't be the only person to want this kind of thing?
  9. Yeah I cut out any mod I could find scripts for and it didn't help, I cut out large mods and that didn't help either. I've tried it on low setting and that didn't help. For some reason conqueror doesn't like my setup. I mean it takes over an hour to finish loading the mod even though my pc is brand new and high spec.
  10. I'm having this exit save problem as well though it only occures when I have sim settlements conqueror installed. I've looked on the net and the problem is the amout of scripts and the solution is as stated about Alt-F4 or typing qqq in the console which is less than ideal when you play on survival. Other than that there is no other fix. Is it possible to increase the script limit of 64mb? that could fix it though i have no idea?
  11. I've ran the tape but nothing happens. I cant talk to Ivy and cant get past the the part of the quest where it says to find the decryption key even though I've found it, read it and installed the hyper combat holotape. the queset is stuck at finding the decryption key at med-tek. I dont know how to fix it. I fixed it by using setstage _ivy_hypercombatenablequest 20,30 and 40, then talked with ivy and that fixed the quest. She did her teleport thing and the quest completed.
  12. I've found Ivy's decription key for hyper combat in the cooler box but its not advancing the quest, the quest keeps telling me to find it even though i picked it up. How do I advance the quest so I can run the holotape?
  13. Hi I'm having a problem with the mod, my pops don't have any food upkeep? Other custom species like ssx work fine. i've tried both versions of this mod 3.1 and 4 and i have the problem in both versions. i've put the mod near the topof my load order. Am i doing something wrong as noone else has said they are having this issue. Edit. I've fixed the issue. I changed this in the 01_MoreFuta_species_classes.txt file. MoreFuta = { archetype = MOREFUTA possible = { authority = { NOT = { value = auth_machine_intelligence text = SPECIES_CLASS_MUST_NOT_USE_MACHINE_INTELLIGENCE
  14. Hi, I'm in need of some help. I want to ware this with another piece of armor (blood magic armor uunp) but they both occupy the same armor slot. I've tryed to change the milker armor slot from 32 to 46 using TES5Edit but it made it invisible in game. What do I need to change for it to work?
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