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  1. Can't speak for this mod, but yearly there's a check to see if they impregnate lovers, spouses, etc.. It would be a little redundant, and only increase the frequency of those checks.
  2. The tools look good! I hope this takes, I see a lot of potential here.
  3. So, trying to update some json files to change the location of where cum gets placed and the changes don't seem to take effect. I'm attempting to update the "add_cum" parameter as seen below, but using regular Sexlab or SLSO, they consistently apply cum in the original locations only and not as expected (not in mouth and vagina as the 4 below would indicate). I've tried a few different animations from a few different packs. I've tried deregistering the animations, reloading the JSON, re-registering the animations and while associated tags get updated, the locations don't seem to ta
  4. I offer this without warranty, but I was able to update the ESP to SSE no problem. I noticed a couple of bugs, but I suspect they're sexlab related and not RP related. Install the mod as normal and replace the esp with this one. MF_RadiantProstitution.esp
  5. You missed LLFP (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/81889-devtestbeta-ll-fourplay-community-f4se-plugin-v17-2018-01-05) and F4SE.
  6. Thanks! Yeah, I'm working on a package of legacy animations. I'm not real comfortable fiddling with animations but I can do some basic modding to get everything packaged for AAF, so this would not be the ideal use case. For this particular package, I have to do a lot of fiddling with offsets. As far as the other example, it was consecutive animations I was talking about, but it turns out it was RSE that was prompting me to go again (I thought it was a legacy fourplay thing). It sounds like a detection issue on their end, however.
  7. So I know you can set offsets on a per actor basis, but is there a way to rotate actors? Also, while testing using the Home and End buttons, the offsets seem to get set when you first load the animation but when you hit up and down to load other animations the offsets remain from that first animation. On a slightly related note, using Home multiple times in a row results in a growing list of popups to keep going when I hit end. Example: If I use home 3 times, I have to dismiss 3 dialogs asking if I want to go again. Has anyone experienced this?
  8. Awesome animations! Very good job thus far and I look forward to more. I was wondering if you intended to include some sound? Leito's heavy breathing noises are quite good, maybe you could borrow them?
  9. So, I'm playing with AAF and the AAF proxy instead of four-play, so I realize that it's maybe not a supported set-up, but the mod seems to be managing things just fine, except it's pretty fickle as to when it might trigger the message about the chance of pregnancy after sex. I thought perhaps it was only triggering for certain animations, with sex initiated by certain mods or other circumstances but it seems to be entirely random and only triggering about 10% of the time. Tried it with hetero sex, female-female sex and it will trigger for both, but only seemingly randomly. Is there some combin
  10. Yeah, I updated from v42 to v45 and got this as well.
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