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  1. Norli

    Femboy mod?

    Yes please.
  2. Norli

    Femboy mod?

    I'd really like to give this game a chance, though I really wanna play as trap/femboy. I don't wanna pick the female character and attach a dick.
  3. I'm looking for something that has doe eyes, cute. Something in between of looking anime-ish but also not too exaggerated and balanced? Any suggestions?
  4. It would be really neat to see a playable Femboy race in Fallout 4, is this achievable? I know the character creation system differs from Skyrim, where it does has it's own Femboy mod and I'm loving that. Does anyone know how to create one for FO4 without having to simply create a female PC and attach a dong on her?
  5. Would it be okay to release a Femboy Race Reborn - Lite Version? Basically less dependancies for more compatibility. For example, removing Apachii as a dependancy.
  6. Yup. I know my way around CK, even though it's been a while since I last touched it.
  7. Hello! It's been a long time, I decided to start playing Skyrim SE again and I'm glad to see this mod has grown! I would like to contribute to this mod if possible?
  8. I was wondering, how can I apply custom skin textures to Sims and if if will affect all Sims as that would be convenient? Also where can I find, or what is/are the most popular skin textures?
  9. Is it possible to convert it so it can be playable in Fallout 4 or no?
  10. I would also like the be able to use custom hair with the custom head and body on the male if that's possible. I know in Skyrim it's possible via a new race, but not sure if it'll be possible in Fallout...?
  11. I know about Boibomb and Bodyslide, however is it possible to assign it to the male gender in the game? As I wanna be referred as a guy while still having a feminine body and if so, can I have a female head + body on a male?
  12. Can anyone here make a thicc Femboy-like preset? Basically big ass and thighs but flat breasts.
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