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    Oh, lots of :D Fantasy, Fantastic, Grim-fantasy, Cyberpunk, WoW-lore, Wow Fel corruption and #corruption in general, Post-app, F4, FNV, Skyrim, League of Legends, Darkest Dungeon, Medicine, Psychology, Art, Workout allmost everything u name it!)

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  1. Crw


    Thanks Drunna! I'm glad that you like it ^_^ Damn it, when you said about the "Boulder", I also began to see it, and now I can unsee it! Although it is not a rock at all, it is a tunnel illuminated from within. A very funny visual illusion turned out. I apologize for this -_-
  2. Jenna's possession with the evil spirit seems to be good for her! She became quite a badass black widow-operative type! Really loves that new thing of her ^_^ yea... possessed girls are my kink Great story Drunna!
  3. Wow, great job! And a great entry! Oh fuck, I imagined that most of this was probably done form scratch, but I had no idea how much! Applause! : « This Rogue-girl greasy jokes and gives everyone offensive nicknames because she didn't get enough goblin-lovein' in this series. Right? 😈 » And yes, I think Ellie could make a good career as a hairdresser.
  4. Well, an amazing job has been done here! Comparison with "The Lord of the Rings" is quite appropriate, I think. The scale of the battle is really amazing, and if one think about how much work has been done to create the effect of such a massive battle, it takes a breath away!
  5. Oh. Carcette death was soooo brutal and realistic. Pretty much how I imagine it happens during the fight. I don't know why, but remind me of the "attack on titan" when the mindless crowd just trampled the boy into the ground.
  6. Ohhhh damn! Thats fuking epic! This is a great battle, I have never seen anyone do something like this ever before! I usually understand how this or that visual effect is implemented, how this or that trick is performed... But now I understand that I know nothing about it. It's literally beyond my understanding for now, and I don't even know how much time and effort takes that. Thats just an amazing job, Collygon! I guess now i need a little breather
  7. Crw


    It's neverending party, I guess Although some of them are still under-lit (imo), I think it's better than overexposing. ^_^ Thanks Drunna! Glad that you still like it ^_^
  8. Crw


    You notice even such small details extremely surprisingly, which is quite pleasant. ^_^ thanks. I would not want to go into spoilers, but if we talk exclusively about Gwen's appearance, I can say that creating her "corrupted" form I relied very much on the appearance of Riven. So I guess now you can see, that I went a bit further than I should But to emphasize that she is different from the previous version, I have added a few external details. Speaking honestly, the whole idea that she is now the main character, as well as part of her new appearance, came from here:
  9. Yay, vids! Cngrats on mastering this technique! ^_^
  10. Crw


    Thanks Deso ^_^
  11. Crw


    As far as I remember they still breathing. While a vampire you can stay under the water forever. But now I'm not sure...
  12. Okay, first - that was really cool! Second - ingame explosions a terra incognita to me, so I can only guess how it was complicated, but in the end - it looks wonderful! Third - at first I did not notice how sexy Lucia is. It seems that the girl needs to literally explode for me to begin to consider her attractive. Great entry Cema!
  13. Crw


    Well, I'm still trying to show that Gwen has lost a part of herself. There is no more sword and voice in her head, no more demonic-hand and no more help from unknown forces (for now) that she had. She is still stong, deft and skillful, but beside a small ace in the sleeve she is just, well... I have some plans to show even more interesting things on that subject, but a bit later, in the next arc ^ _ ^ : « Well, that's the main idea, my dear. »
  14. Crw


    Found it! I thought to use a falmer costume on a human npc and pose it the same way one usually do, but... You understand that now I'm going to ask you how you accomplished that?)
  15. Crw


    Many thanks EvaLovesEP ^_^ I guess that's why some people like em
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