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  1. Quest for Hostess doe Quest for Hostess doent start. What ever I do or right in console. It is looks like it dosnt exist. So frustrating and buggy!!!
  2. Why every client adds desease? Even I have 1% propability? WTF? BUGGY as hell. How to cure this shit?
  3. Thank you. How can pristitute task can be completed if everyone refuse?
  4. Very very buggy mod!! Nothing helps. Now folllower getting disspear. It just doesnt works properly with SLSO. I hate myself to give it another chance, It is just unplayble.
  5. "I'd like to talk to you about something unusual" I dont have this phtase after I read the book.
  6. Hello. Why characters disappear after sex with this mod? This mode doing good, I want to use it. But with SLSO it works badly. I dont want chars do disappear!
  7. THis is SexLab ++ problem remove it. Very buggy mod
  8. Please help. Voice/moans dissapears during sex scens, than appears than again.... How to fix it? What voices I should use. Any more voices for SLSO?
  9. Hello! Is there any mod which will fix voice/moans during sex scene dissapearance. I have this problem NPC and even PC voice dissapers. What to do?
  10. Often sounds of voice and moans for PC and NPC disspaears. Than appears again. Than vice versa and.... Why? What can I do to fix it?
  11. Please suggest best cum effect and ingame overlays. Something what say on a cloth too.
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