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  1. Hi! Have you plans to add male slaves too?
  2. If I have PAHE installed, what .esp I need to activated? Only slavers_spellbook.esm and slavers_spellbook_pahe.esp? Or slavers_spellbook.esp too?
  3. What type of underwear did you use?
  4. Hi! it is possible with this mod to enslave trolls, werewolfes and other non-human races?
  5. What are requierements to sell slave as a worker? I try to sell slave for the innkeepers, farmers. citizens, but this isn't count for the Helping Hand perk...
  6. As I went further into the cave, the stones fell, and now I cannot return to the cells. Will the exit open later?
  7. And if the entrance to it is already overwhelmed, I can not finish the quest?
  8. Where can I find the key to free Chloe? I searched all the bodies in the cave, but the key is not there. Or do you need to look for the key outside? Thank!
  9. Good day. I have a problem with CD v. 4.15: in the MCM there aren't any desriptions, all string are the same as "$CDS_PLAYERINFO" etc. How can I fix it? Thank you!
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