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  1. Hello I have been frustrated about two things. First love to find program that can store positioning info so every time you play sex animation you dont need to alone it. Plus be really nice if it could save by race and sex. Second thing is love to find easy to use program that can tag animations allowing only bj animations play if in menu you ask for it or any type of sex. I like not to see concecual sex seen during rape or vice versa. I all ready have positioning and animation manager neather of them can do these things.
  2. Just for starters make sure the edge faces on body match the head seam ring of faces. Then yes you need egms made or you get droopy eye and static face. If your just trying to close the gap and line it up move body to head then hands to body.
  3. Was reading first few pages about setting flags up was wondering how I can do that or if there is a esp like skyrim has.
  4. Anyone please tell me the settings. My girl has a ova fertcyc 79.3 fetlvl 17.19 . I fucked the store guy and never washed. Will this get her pregnant? And can I make it super easy to get knocked up. I mean so easy she just see a penis and she get pregnant.
  5. It cant even finish the child egg from the box . Now both robots advanced to get born that also came from box. And yes the load order is as suggested. Here I am just wanting a simple pregnancy mod.
  6. Has anyone ever gotten this to work? I grab the babies from the box at docs and go outside then wait like 5 days or so robots came but no kids. Tried on other game and even though sunny had ova and loads of cum she did not get pregnant. What could be wrong?
  7. Add them to the no strip list. Called sexoutingsafeclothesf in sexout common resources. This will keep it from unequiping during sex. Haven't found a animation tagging mod yet. Maybe someone here knows of one.
  8. Yes that was the right list and discovered how to change the nif in nifscope to get dismemberment part into the right one. Now going to retry the head again. With any luck I will be able to fix weight paint on it to better match bodies so less to no gaps while playing animations.
  9. Ya the skinny clothes do not have a body for Jean's she is wearing. And I never figured out how sex disappeared the trim and yes I copied body weights to it torso and vag left and right. I tried doing both new head part as well as trying to attach it as extra part to sunnies bun hair. I think its something to do with bsdismemberskininstance as hair I looked at dont have them. I haven't figured out how to export heads yet it changes the nif without doing anything but import then exporting. Nishapedata to nistripdata not sure how to fix that. Sure it's a setting for exporting though. The strip is same way. I ported it from skyrim just obj. It then loaded into blender adding the bones and weight paint them. What is difference between nishapedata and nistripdata anyway.
  10. What's with the highlights. Looks like missing nif. Was wondering if your using game body or a stand in from mcm?
  11. Ya I did all the above. The best results came when I hijacked a strap on from a different mod. Problem I had as sunny has her own body she is a modded skinny body and use the skinny clothes and they pretty much only the clothing so the trim was never changed out and bleeds through pants. I just need to know how to add to the sexout strip lists. Or a script probably should work but I am no scriptor. So looking for a tutorial on making a strap on mod and hope it shows me the lists I need. Was weird though was my face part try. It still disappears with sex as well as did not disappear once clothed. The 3m bs through me a loop but figured that out. Pregnancy mods. Thinking might need to just look under the hood to see how that part works.
  12. Yes I tried all methods including adding to hair making new head part to just making a armor piece. I set the later to 2 mislanous spot I even started with the trim on sunny as a made her a follower with her own body. I tried the hair and head part thinking it be easer to get color matching. The geco is just enough different than skyrim's but I am figuring it out. Thinking my invisable problem is from pregnancy mods calling for stuf I know I do not have. Any ways can you tell me what slot I set the trim up as to disappear if clothed but not if naked even if having sex. O and any pointers you could point me in to getting color change on its own.
  13. Yes this is what I want. I am not a nubi however I do not know what dismemberment I use for getting those results. Its using torso and just has that one. So could you explain a bit more with the understanding that I will understand what you say.
  14. Hello wonderful people. I am looking for some way to get sunny to equip the Bush I made her only when naked. As is she equips it backwards ie making her armor disappear and takes it off during sex. Not sure if there is a script I could use or a way to set it up in geck. Any help would be great. O and tried to get set up like strap on because in testing I replaced a strap on nif with my Bush one and it worked perfectly.
  15. Is anyone doing any physics for game or is it all just in the idols? Looking for a addon that let's me control the animations ie tags or something in mcm.
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