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  1. I would not suggest that, not using the .esp will result it in simply not working at all, it'll use the wrong tri files and everything. Plus the the meshes are not in the correct format. Simply I do not think itll work at all if you do that. I'll see about back porting sometime in the future.
  2. No plans yet to make any of these available on LE, though I imagine some of the race replacers would not be hard to back port if you know how to do that. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/dwbyh1/backporting_mod/ Ive not tried it much myself yet for back porting.
  3. I was more so just talking about the textures themselves, but if you want to add the races to those addons, it would be pretty simple, but if it works right now, but is just human, just replace whatever texture its using with the texture you want to use.
  4. @Zexophiliac If you got the addons to work in x-edit, by adding the females to the addon as a allowed race. Then just going through the textures for the males and make copies, and rename them for females, should get rid of the human only textures, though it may not be perfect.
  5. Alright this should fix it! also uploading it to the main page soon. Redguard-Grey-faceFix.zip
  6. Looks like I forgot to run facegen when i fixed the redguard female heads, running now, will have a fix uploaded soon =]
  7. okay im bout to test on mine, and if i find its on my end, i'll repack the facegen
  8. Are the NPCs doing this? or just in racemenu? if it is in racemenu then that was fixed with the last upload, if its not, then I may need to run facegen again! ill take a look into it.
  9. Ill look into the hair! thanks for the information. Id click around it for now. and thank you!
  10. remember to always check this whole page for new things! and i hope ya like what ya find =]
  11. be sure to read M2M requirements, you need SexLab to even begin sex animations, and a slew of its requirements, be sure to always read the requirements own requirements. Ill be coming up with a more structured how-to
  12. thank you ! and yes CBBE is on its way and yeah i need to find that Alduin's wall again
  13. I very much wish that cum was more ...fluid, but Ocum on nexus is probably as good as it gets
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