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  1. Okay I can see a few issues here, number 1 you are using SAM - shape atlas for men full, our new patch doesnt require that, and you shouldn't be using it. 1: SAM High Poly: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/70-sam-high-poly-conversion/ (Mostly for the high-poly clothing refits) 2: SAM Racemenu Morphs: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/106-sam-morphs-for-racemenu/ 3: Schlong of SAM: https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/267-savrenx-schlong-of-sam-light-hdt-patch/ these are the only SAM mods you need, only mods you need for male bodies. Another issue
  2. I never got super far into it before had some life stuff come up, I may still go back sometime and do it, seeing how we still have a while before the next game releases!
  3. I think on Vector someone attempted to do it! but I am not 100% where it is, I'll give your conversion a go though!
  4. I will check it out! maybe I missed that texture! lots of wangs to keep track of, thanks for the heads up.
  5. I'd be willing to toss in so effort for this! just let me know any kind of art I can do, I've already made plenty of small replacers for my own pleasure. Also what is the best program to open and edit these direct draw surfaces? Seems gimp's hasn't been updated in ages.
  6. I am still around! just been recovering from a lot of surgeries that went finally good. x3
  7. Thanks its still a WIP but I am working on it! Also I think I know (of) you from twitter.
  8. Clipping is something we are working on, and is still a WIP to make it look completely smooth. For the argonian, I dont touch their textures at all so it should not be on me, id try using the Masculine Argonian textures for SAM found on the VP site.
  9. make sure YA is below everything that changes bodies, make sure the yiffy age consolidated esp loads as late in your load order as possible.
  10. Did you at one point use two different mod managers perhaps? that is really strange from a fresh install, if youd like to share a screen cap of your load order we could all help out a bit more maybe.
  11. Ill have to fix them when im back around or if you wanna give em a go id be very very appreciative
  12. There is a cumshot mod, however that in those shots I added the effects just to make em more attractive, sort of showing off the kind of screens ya can get with a bit of creativity with the patch! sadly liquid would be very very hard to create in skyrim's system! though you can kind of get the the skyrim cumshot mod to work okay there just isn't much we can do for good semen sadly =[
  13. Load up all your mods in SSEDIT and see which mod is modifying the races last in your load order, that would be one method. Other than that, you can always just do it the base way, uninstall everything, and reinstall just a base YA setup to see if it works.
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