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  1. Eh, the only way to mod MBB for now is to edit texfiles, moddes cannot do much while the dev tools are not yet released. Plus, Sexlab took maybe one year, probably two or three to be released, so you better be patient.
  2. Apal

    Taleen'Ei, the Huntress

    Looks like it's well engaged that Shoral will be next, the results are much closer each other than the last poll tho. I'va already tried HDT tails, but it makes things worse XD Maybe the only way to deal wit those tail issues is to remake the animations entierly...
  3. Apal

    Taleen'Ei, the Huntress

    Eh, officially, the Lilmothiits are not extincts, just really rare since the knahatain pest. Oh, and the Corprusarium has been destroyed ^^ Thanks ^^
  4. Taleen'Ei The Huntress, and maybe the most competent of the Dippy Seven alongside Kunjin. She's an Argonian from Hammerfell. Her kin being pretty rare in this country, she quickly built a name and earned the title of "Monster Huntress" among the warrior's guild ; however, it quickly became just "The Huntress" because people are lazy. However, it didn't last ; an exceptional run of bad luck led her to fail some missions, and her reputation suffered badly, forcing her to leave the country to Skyrim. Body Despite her profession, she doesn't seems too beefy, her compact muscles well hidden beneath her scale skin, striped with multiples scars over all of her body. Even for Argonian standards, she's endowed of variegated cales, tinged with multiples bright colors which make her not really discreet. I used Female Argonian dragonic textures for her body as well as Beast Races Bodypaints for the colorfull scales. Outfit There's nothing much to say about the outfit, it's just a TAWOBA iron set for now ; I've tried to edit the thong to something that fits better an Argonian tail without much success Images Some lewdness
  5. Yep, that's what I thought ; but I got one more suggestion because I can't help but spread my nerdy knowledge : the openings for the arms of the cuirass and the brigandine should be wider, as it restrains the arms movements in fight. (And it should also help for the mesh distortions in the animations).
  6. Apal

    Praised be the Lady !

    As everything should be 😛
  7. Of course I like it ! It was just a note, nothing more. This helmet type is a sallet ; those types of helmets were typically used with a gorget to protect the face, and didn't have a wide visor like this one. The models with fixed visors had a tiny one, because helmets tends to be stuffy, and one of the advantages of the sallet is that you can flip it backward without removing it entierly. But, hey, that's fantasy
  8. Why do all necromancians has to be evil ?!?
  9. We've somewhat lost the roman vibe ^^ But hey, seems to be Quality with a big Q, good work !
  10. Vat'ph huve teefh fhe've got !
  11. Markarth Temple, circa 4E 200 colorized. Bonus Sequel : Bonus Sex :
  12. I've added a poll for the next character to develop, if you want, tho
  13. I'll cover all of the Dippy Seven eventually, Shoral will be one of them ^^ Honestly, I don't like the look of those catfolks, but I'll take a look at their teeth if I can scrap them a bit, thanks !
  14. Anhassi The Self-proclaimed priestress of Dibella. She is an hermaphrodite Cathay-Raht, clusmy and a bit dull sometimes, she is however kind-hearted, and loves a bit too much everything on Nirn. Body As a Cathay-raht, she is stronger and taller than most of other Khajiit related sub-species, but still smaller than most others Cathay-raht. Her face looks more like a lion than a common cat, most related to other sub-species such as others Cathays, most common in Skyrim. Her bodyshape is a the verge between curvy and chubby, her silhouette still doen't hide her strong shape and her muscles. She is also proud of her generous breasts and their well-maintained roundness despite their size. Her bodyshape is a mighty BBBE body with selfmade proportions ; most of her shape is the results of the 7Base and muscles sliders. Her head mesh is self made, I used an old mesh of the now dead mod "Catlike-Khajiits", which I used as base reference to shpae a high-poly headmesh from Citrus Heads. It still has some issues as I have problems to adapt the mouth. Her bodytexture is from Feminine Khajiits, her schlong is from Bad Dog's Hoodies with a self-made textures which I shared HERE. Outfit Despite once having a full set of ebony plate armor, the loss of it, and the cost of replacing the lost parts was so overwhelming she decided to stick to a more common steel armor, which she can replace more easily, because, hey, she tends to lose her stuff really, REALLY often. Most of her outfit parts are from TAWOBA, however, the chestplate is a selfmade High-poly version of the one in the mod, which allow a bigger chest size without having a ugly blocky shape. The boots are also a selfmade mix of TAWOBA steel boots and DX Dawnguard's boots which I flipped back to front, to have less naked legs. Her "shorts" are available THERE and are selfmade, using a retexture of the old CBBE undies. Images GIFs & Videos
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