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  1. Orcs are the best elves, change my mind.
  2. Nice use of body tatoos !
  3. Apal

    Hrugin, the Fail

    (I don't know why, but this entry was appearing unpublished) Hrugin She's a Nord, the head full of dreams, epic stories, battles against snow elves, wishing to follow every great nord hero stories (even if Thalos was a Breton) and feed the skalds with great tales to sing across the world ! In practice, she mostly fails every quest she enlist to, and even have been kicked out of the Companions. Body Athletic build, she's in great physical shape, anyhing any nord women would dream of. Her body is cov
  4. Apal

    Skyrim SE #6

    There's never enough sexy orcs around !
  5. Hello there ! Just a little entry to show some tests I made with an ENB I switched to : Mythical ENB, which should, I hope, offer a better atmospheric scenery for screenshots. Feel free to say if this new artstyle suits you, or if o prefered the previous one, Maybe I'll switch back. Anyway, here's how it looks : (without/with ENB, if it's not obvious) Anyway, beside that, I've had some fun with Kunjin, just to tinker some details, so here's some screens and Videos I captured before I changed the ENB :
  6. Apal

    The Oath

    I guess it's a common day for most of LL users ^^ Thanks ^^ I guess I'm thinking too much while working on those comics, it makes them lose all their fun in my eyes Thanks Well, she's not, she's just very unlucky ! Thank you ^^
  7. Apal

    Holidays for now

    Well, those last weeks were pretty empty due to summer holidays. I'll start posting again and posting bad jokes and random things, but at a lower rate. Keeping posting one entry per week is a bit restictive, and the quality suffers a bit. So, from now on, I'll (try to) post at least one entry per month. Maybe more if I feel motivated enought. As Bannerlord Dev tools are coming at the end of the month, I'll just throw myself into it ! And then for you, summer chicks, because those gals can have some holidays too ! Oh, by the way, I
  8. Apal

    The Oath

    Hesitated a bit to publish this one ; in the end, it showed more funny in my head than on board.
  9. Version with branding accent :
  10. Apal

    Yes, my Thane !

    It was the echo of the torment of a million followers cheated by their Thane 😛 Thanks, I nearly got an heart attack when I applied it ^^ Thanks ^^
  11. A little new entry for those who likes that kind of stuff.
  12. Well, didn't had much time this week to make comics, busy to try to fix the too large amount of bug my game have, which is drastically slowing down the process. Anyway, had a bunch of screenshots and gifs I made some time ago, without knowing if I'll share them or not. Better than nothing. Out of chronology : Videos : Bonus out of context :
  13. Apal

    Hrugin, the Fail

    I'm surprised you didn't voted for all of them 😛
  14. Apal

    Hrugin, the Fail

    Damned, did some shit with the Poll... EDIT : Here, deleted it, remade it from the ground, should be OK now, or I'll cut something nasty !
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