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  1. I have been using this mod for a while, but something always bugged me. Can I not respond to NPCs who approach me? An NPC recently approached me and as usual, there was no dialogue options. I then approached this fucking NPC and they are saying they aren't that easy.
  2. That is just NTR lol. I think you can achieve something like this with eager NPCs. With Eager NPC's, if you don't manage the Arousal levels of your followers or Spouse, they can cheat on you. Another mod (I think Sexlab Sexlife) edits the chance of this and assigns preference to NPCs. So a faithful NPC won't cheat so easily or a racist NPC's won't have sex with another race. So in theory, If you have an NPC whose Arousal is fix on a higher level, he will continue to try and have sex with you or your follower depending on his preference and your gender.
  3. Yeah, I know about that. I have been doing that for a while now. But what I mean is if, let's say Misty, worn armour I built for her, it will be in her shape but if I gave that same armour to another NPC, say Serana, it would be in Serana's shape and not Misty's shape.
  4. What about with these mods All Shapes Body Randomizer with Physics Enhancement which randomly generates bodies for female NPCs and will let them wear the outfits you also build be in their shape and All Shapes Body Randomizer - best presets which is based on the first mod but generates the female bodies in some of the best presets. Lets say a followers was to be built with one of the presets of the second mod, will they then wear outfit in their shape since it was technical built with the second mod?
  5. Is there a mod that allows Standalone followers who have their own body, wear armors in their shape?
  6. will this work with SexLab Aroused Modular Edition (SLAM)?
  7. Do we still need the SLA patch that comes with SLSO
  8. will try it out, thank you. If it doesn't work I will try and disable vocal expressions
  9. Ok I have all the files and the expressions look great but as soon as any character moans, the mouth gets glitchy. Is there any fix for vocal expressions?
  10. Sorry this isn't related to your quesion but how did you get those facial expressions in your signature. The facial expressions I get work but the mouth glitch out at the end of each animation.
  11. Downloaded it for SSE. Are all the folders meant to be empty. The Excel file makes it seem like some animation should alright be installed since it says it doesn't need Manual install. Edit: It seems it is the GS poses Edit: It seems I made a mistake. I was looking in the wrong folder. Great work. I hope you somehow get permission for those other animations.
  12. Does Sexlab have any followers that use its framework. Like how flowergirls has Seductress Faye. Or is there a Sexlab version of Faye.
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