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  1. They don't always appear, play normally and when you enter an inn the innkeeper might know something
  2. That did work, but the problem is still there
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask help for this but i asked in another place and i'm still waiting for a response so i might as well try my luck here and see if anyone can help me. Recently i seem to have lost the ability to remove devious in any way, not through the "struggle" minigame, not through npcs helping, not with console comands not even npcs seem to be able to remove them from themselves (when they should) i think this coincided with me updating a few mods but i didn't realise the problem until a while later so i'm not sure wich is the culprit, but i suspect
  4. I was retarded and installed both patches, i'm pretty sure that since that i've lost the ability to remove any device (i'm sure i cannot remove the device what i'm not sure is about when it started). i've tried to make clean save and reinstall everything "devious" and i still cannot remove them through any means. Has this happened before? Does anyone know of a way to fix. i've attached a copy of the papyrus log for if it helps thank you in advance Papyrus.0.log
  5. i have the same problem, can you remove them normally?
  6. Is anyone else not able to remove decies (even with debug) after the last update, i'm not 100% DCL is the cause but i think that since i installed it everytime i try to remove a device it doesn't go away, even if the "struggle prompt" says it was removed, has anyone else found this? Thank you in advance
  7. Thanks i'll try this out
  8. Hi I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem but anytime i use a hdt hair every "physics enabled" part of my body gllitches and starts stretching out, this also happens sometimes if i equip hdt cloacks but unnequiping and reequiping usually fixes it, while if have hdt hair everything bugs out even if i wear a helmet. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the collisions, but i have no idea how to fix. I use Cosio btw. Could anyone help me fix this? Thank you in advance Edit: i have since found out that i am retarded and ha
  9. Hi, i i seem to have a problem with the body hair not showing up, when i check the length (through a mirror) i says it's there (and it also grows) but there are neither any tats or any SOS pubes, has anyone encountered this before? Do you know a way to fix it? I'm pretty sure i have all dependencies (but it could be posible that i'm breindead and missed one even though checking muktiple times) here's the load order if anyone's interested (it's a bit long) Thanks in advance
  10. I'm looking for a mod or a way to convert the armors of The amazong world of bikini armors to COSIO, atleast so that the textures are not all fucked up (currently some have giant nipples on the side boob and things like that), any hrlp would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Is there a mod or a way to give diferent npcs diferent and random bodyslide presets, for example, that going into a bandit camp you'll find some bandits with enormous tits with others practically flat chested, with everything in between. i've been searching for a while for it but haven't found any way to add this kind of variety (maybe i'm just dumb). Thank you
  12. there's a version of this "for him" https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/8501-sexlab-approach-redux-for-him/ have no idea if it works fine i just found it and thought you'd wanna check it out
  13. if you're still looking places lik g2a still sell it, bethesda probably won't see a penny from it (they don't really need it) but it's not illegal
  14. i've lately run into a problem where nothing happens when i click the switch actors key, sometimes it says i "can't use this while using something else" and other times both characters stand up for a second and the proceed as if nothing had happened. Has anyone else experienced this? Does somebody know what's causing this? Thank you
  15. Maybe i'm just reatarded but i can't make the hdt vagina work, everything else seems to work fine (even belly collisions) but i can't manage to make it work, is there a step by step guide so i can find what i'm doing wrong or could someone help me out, i'm a bit new
  16. I'm not sure this is the right way to post this but is there anyway to make the different bodies have different bodies, for examble one with large breasts another with small ones etc...
  17. Hi, i recently installed the mod and now every time i talk to anyone i start kneeling and then crawling, at wich point the only way to wslk again is to equip some item that changes the walking animation (i.e armbinder) and hope that It doesnt get overwriten by the crawling animation again, i'm pretty sure it's because of this mod(because it's the only one i have that males you crawl) but don't know how to fix It. Any idea on what could be the problem/how to fix It?
  18. how did you manage to install any body mods in new california?
  19. well, it actually worked once, then i reloaded and stopped working altogether edit: nevermind, i think i know the problem
  20. hay, i can't seem to get the defeat option to work, are there any requirements?
  21. hi, i'm having trouble starting the quest, i talk to angrim and when he asks for the blowjob it doesn't start. is there a way to force it to start or to fix it?
  22. do the quest require the dlc or something because i don't have them and the mcm "part" is completely empty.
  23. i have a problem with the collars where instead of appearing (Yes i have installed the meshes and textures) there's just an enormous red triangle. i've tried to manually search for the collars and install them directly but i can't find them. does anyone know the name of the collar file. beacuse if it's not this i have no fucking clue what it is...
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