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  1. First of all I am using the translator. What I meant to say is that the NPCs become invisible (They are not seen), (the animations do work but, of what use if the NPC ceases to "exist" XD) In this image you can see the error I have. https://ibb.co/3pkfKZj
  2. I don't know why but the NPCs become unbeatable when I put them to work on the pole Any solution or file to fix it? https://ibb.co/3pkfKZj
  3. I think it was the translator's mistake. mod works (invictus only) what I was referring to is that both (Futanari fev) and (AAF gender select) work the same, but only once. once per NPC, if it allows me to change the gender of several npc but it only works as long as AAF has not registered them before. What I want is to be able to change genres "indefinitely, as many times as I want". Is it possible to do that? Or is it a mistake and I did something wrong XD? And another thing I comment is that I install AAF together with those mods, so always use a clean save.
  4. The mod is amazing: D now I have a question, is it possible for you to make a cum inflation mod?
  5. They don't work for me XD, they work the same as the (Futanari FEV). They only let me change the gender of an NPC 1 time and above all the gender change works only if they were not scanned by AAF before. I do not know if it is impossible to achieve that or only this error occurs to me.
  6. Can somebody help me? I just want to see a good futa x female T-T AAF does not recognize gender change. according to the author of the mod (Futanari FEV) it is a matter of AAF
  7. And how do I change the gender that AAF sees, is that when I use it, I could only change the gender of for example: woman to man only once (thanks to FEV) and then I could not change it again. and the mod you mention (futanari FEV) needs that.
  8. AAF can re-identify npc indefinitely? is that according to me, this mod: the mod needs AAF to re-identify the gender of the npc over and over again. Is this possible to do? see the description of the mod to know what it does
  9. Is there any way to configure AAF XD? I don't like having to reinstall it so many times just to want to use the mod. I just want AAF to be able to re-identify the npc indefinitely, it is that AAF can only identify the NPC 1 time so if I identify it as a woman or a man that is how it will stay basically (the cure does not work as long as AAF cannot re-identify )
  10. Is there any way this mod works like (skyrim's cum inflation)? I mean I want the belly to grow while having sex
  11. I don't use fusion girl, I don't like it. And as you mentioned in the update that it is necessary (extended skeletone) I wanted to know if it is possible to combine it with CBBE.
  12. Anyone know a site or videos with women of that caliber? I only found 1 where if he is having sex https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5dccb7f6c54fb
  13. Thanks, I found some although they are not having sex but finally I find something close https://www.xvideos.com/video32709847/cam_girl_with_huge_ass_part_one-watch_part_two_on_bigbootycamsonline.com
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