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  1. Using any of the modified defeat versions past 5.3.5 will not work for me. Whenever I press enable and back out of the MCM the fps drops down to a frame every couple seconds, and when I access the MCM again it will not load at all. I've uninstalled the current version and installed this one, as well as attempted it on a new save and it still happens. I can only think it must be an incompatibility or maybe I'm missing a mod 5.3.5 doesn't require? I know it's an absolute mess but it does generally work (defeat's usually a bit higher in the list but I haven't sorted in this save), any ideas?
  2. to expand on this, i reverted back to MO1 and it summarily disappeared again. MO1 seems to have a major issue recognizing this mod, even if it's ticked on in the interface. if you can't get this mod to show up in the mcm and you're using mod organizer 1 that could well be the cause. for now i've placed the mod into my actual skyrim data folder and enabled the .esp in MO1, and this seems to have 'fixed' it but i don't know enough about modding to know if this is advisable.
  3. i spent a long time trying to get this mod to show up on the mcm, with no luck found by any previous suggestion. with the dd mods installed at all times i trimmed other mods off one by one (starting a new game each time) until it finally showed up after removing SPERG and its associated compatibility esps. silly-illy i also migrated from MO1 to MO2 using this guide so i can't definitively say what fixed it. if you use SPERG or MO1 this may be something to consider!
  4. using the all in one uunp, the belly only grows a couple centimeters no matter what i do. using racemenu and moving the belly slider up to maximum does this too, what could be the issue? thanks. breasts grow fine
  5. [02/21/2018 - 02:28:19PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1" stack: [ (8701263B)].BD_scene_riften00_Script.Fragment_19() - "BD_scene_riften00_Script.psc" Line 8 I seem to get that in my papyruslog.0 file when the hang happens, what does it mean? e: I replayed the game a few times and got past that particular hang, however this still appeared in my log: [02/21/2018 - 03:00:39PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp1" stack: [ (2A01263B)].BD_scene_riften00_Script.Fragment_19() - "BD_scene_riften00_Script.psc" Line 8 A hang from a different dialogue produced this: [02/21/2018 - 03:20:16PM] warning: Assigning None to a non-object variable named "::temp48" stack: [ (2A01263B)].BD_scene_riften00_Script.Fragment_99() - "BD_scene_riften00_Script.psc" Line 231 Final one for the road: [02/21/2018 - 03:25:38PM] Error: bd_MQ (2801263A): unknown quest objective 10. stack: [bd_MQ (2801263A)].QF_bd_MQ_0301263A.SetObjectiveDisplayed() - "<native>" Line ? [bd_MQ (2801263A)].QF_bd_MQ_0301263A.Fragment_2() - "QF_bd_MQ_0301263A.psc" Line 899
  6. My bad, I used the modlist because I wasn't sure if loadorder included the non .esp mods here's loadorder: https://pastebin.com/pfY6vqrY
  7. Sadly I'm no further forward, I've been disabling one mod in turn and restarting a game, but it is still occurring even on this (relatively) barebones setup: https://pastebin.com/qrk0kdKe Is there anything silly I'm missing?
  8. That was my thought too, but I definitely have all of them, correct version numbers too - I think something just doesn't want me to play it haha
  9. This is my first version, and the game runs fine outside of the mod
  10. The mod seems to hang in between almost every dialogue line, reloading a save and attempting it again or trying the reenable controls through the mcm menu sometimes allows me to progress one or two more lines onward but eventually it becomes impossible to progress, I've tried it on a new save with only Thief/FNIS installed and that hasn't helped Any ideas?
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