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  1. I mean since you're paying extra for next-day delivery, I don't see anything selfish about it.
  2. I can't wait for LGR to tear this one apart, that is if even he cares at this point.
  3. R.I.P State lock down. Now I can finally continue with my life and people can shut the fuck up about social distancing and #StayatHome.
  4. Milkjetstream


    Then again statistics have and will change overtime, especially the one that you used as an example.
  5. Milkjetstream


    You can be young and still sickly tho. Age has little to do with it if we're seeing cases of 103 and 90 year old patients making full recoveries.
  6. Milkjetstream


    Unless it's an official statement from the WHO or CDC, everyone else has little to no value in what they're talking about. All I see are are people flexing their degrees and PHDs while adding on to the ever growing mountain of speculation and misinformation of Covid-19.
  7. Milkjetstream


    Hopefully everyone can take time to go to the gas station and fill their cars and gas jugs up. I haven't seen gas at $1.69 for years. Plus now that it's spring, folks will be cutting grass soon (since being quarantined doesn't mean you can skip out on house chores).
  8. Milkjetstream


    So seeing how you can still go to the grocery store if your area goes on lockdown, that means everyone who's hoarded all of the toilet paper and perishable foods such as milk and eggs are the true definition of the term "Sheeple". But who am I to judge since all they're doing is making my bank account happy.
  9. Currently working at a grocery store and I am seeing the worse side of it all. Every fucking 10 minutes I'm having someone asks "When's the toilet paper coming in" "When's the next grocery truck" or "Do you have anymore _____ in the back?" And that last comment really pisses me the fuck off. PEOPLE if the shelf is empty of a product, then 90% of the time the store doesn't have it in stock. STOP FUCKING BOTHERING ASSOCIATES if the toilet paper shelves are empty or if the milk and eggs are blown. And when we do get a grocery truck in OOOOHHOOOHHOOO, you better believe the sheep come flying out which way. You know it's fucked up that you legit have to send 2 associates to an aisle in fear of 1 of them getting swarmed or trampled. And fuck everyone who's part of Facebook toilet paper watch groups. The only people who are worse than them are the sick FUCKS who leave fucking used tissues on the empty shelves. There's a special place in hell for them and I hope they suffer as painfully and as slowly. And you know else needs to go to hell? All of the Karens who are giving me and any other retail worker shit, ESPECIALLY right now. There's a 2 per person limit, so NO you can't buy extra toilet paper for your neighbor or cousin. NO MA'AM, the truck isn't here yet, despite you telling me that it is. I'M the fucking associate, YOU AIN'T SHIT. SO TAKE YOU AND YOUR BADASS AUTISTIC CHILD AND WAIT IN THE LOBBY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!!! NO, WE WILL NOT SAVE ANYTHING FOR YOU, IT'S A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!! AND FINALLY, STOP CAMPING OUT ON THE AISLE AND BLOCKING IT FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SHOP. But it's all not too bad. Everyone in the company has gotten temporary pay raises until the crisis is over. Coporate has also relaxed on the dress code, so we can wear jeans. As well as us getting free lunches on an almost regular basis. And on the top of me getting a huge increase in pay and promotion a week prior, I'm earning some serious cash right now.
  10. I just wanted to update everyone on another user who's made a few belly sliders that are pretty impressive: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/138370-kirax12-bigger-belly-slider/
  11. I had the same problem and updated WW to the newest version (11/26 hotpatch for University) and I've been problem free ever since.
  12. So until November 1st, Origin's having a 50% sale on multiple packs. I was wondering if I should go full speed with this sale, or should I wait a few more weeks for the inevitable Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale? Also, what are the odds that University will be part of the Black Friday sale?
  13. There's already vore, rape, bestiality, drug overdose, and straight up murder and assault mods on this site. Hell, there was even a recent request for a future HIV setting in WW. And you can also argue that all those features "Hit a little too close to home" for many people, yet most of those people end up ignoring the features or turning them off. But instead of protesting here why a cancer mod is too uncomfortable for you, why not just message the mod creator and request an option to disable it? Just because you think something is inappropriate doesn't mean everyone is subjective to that same mindset, especially if it's a popular enough request to be added in.
  14. Even though it MAY show up in the University pack next month, I miss being able to share a home with NPCs and charge them for rent. In the Sims 3 (I believe) you could kick out the roommates if they did nothing but break things and leave dishes everywhere. Also, I miss the world editor. In fact, I'd like it if they can give us a blank world ala Sims 2 and let us create our own neighborhoods.
  15. Wouldn't it just be easier to just buy the code on Amazon and adding it to Origin? Granted you'll still need to download Origin, but you'll sacrifice having to install one more client for saving some money by buying from Amazon.
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