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  1. Save your breath for someone else. Moderator or not, I'm going to speak my mind to whoever.
  2. Judging by your profile pic, I thought you were a passive-aggressive pickle man.
  3. After looking at it, this site rakes in about $1200 a month from Patreon. I have no clue how much it costs to keep the site up per month, but that alone sounds like it should cover most of the expenses.
  4. Honestly the best ad I've seen all year.
  5. Since it's officially 2021, I can finally say that for me 2020 wasn't such a bad year. I got a huge promotion at work, finally moved out from my parents and got an actual house, met the love of my life, became an uncle (because I am NOT have my own kids, I'll gladly spoil my sister's) and I got a brand new car. And since I'm already an Introvert, social distancing/staying at home has been a godspend for me.
  6. I actually prefer the weapons durability in Breath of the Wild. It makes you try out every weapon of the game and forces the player to actually think about how and when to use the right weapon instead of relying on the same sword and shield for the entirety of the game. I will be genuinely upset if BOTW 2 doesn't have this feature.
  7. YouTube only became the monster that it is once Google bought it early on. I'm holding my breath on this one after Mixer promised so much, had Microsoft as financial backup, acquired Ninja, and still went belly up within 4 years of launching.
  8. It's cloudy where I'm at.....oh well.
  9. It's a 12x24, so roughly about 288sqft to play around with. I've already got wiring done. I started on insulation and currently waiting on a plumber to give me a quote.
  10. All of those videos of teens playing the Pornhub intro music during assemblies/morning announcements haven't aged too well. I'm just glad I was able to download most of my favorites before they were gone.
  11. Transforming a shed into a house has been both fun and frustrating at the same time. It's by no means a cheap weekend project, but it's better than renting an apartment or moving back home. My other option would've been to get an RV/Camper and convert that into a house.
  12. Some? They wiped out almost 80% of their videos. Out of the 13 million videos on there, it's now down to 2.9 million. Instead of going after the few offensive videos, they killed off everything that wasn't backed by a verified account. But it's quite fitting that a porn site ended up fucking their entire fanbase.
  13. I still use a Xbox 360 controller with a PC adapter. It's served me well all these years with little complaints.
  14. Instead of promoting how they're the world's biggest supply of incest scenes, they should've been cracking down on all the rape and child porn being uploaded. I expect Pornhub to either: a. Convert to using Crypto-Currency. b. Move all of the remaining content to ModelHub, since Visa/MasterCard is still accepted there. c. Shutdown/Rebrand Pornhub and use one of their other porn sites that they own such as Redtube as a sacrificial lamb.
  15. Thing is, it went from big titties in sexy spandex to flat chested women with curves. Princess Leia never had a nice ass until Battlefront 2.
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