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  1. Don't you just love waking up one day and finding out that you can't access a game anymore for even the most simplest of reasons? Or how about not being able to mod a PC game by installing a sex mod? Stadia is going to flop harder than Onlive.
  2. Just found this topic and I'm loving it so far. Thanks for the sliders.
  3. To be fair, you can't really blame them. If you were in their shoes, wouldn't you want to go and make more money elsewhere instead of staying and having to help train?
  4. I doubt companies like Konami, Bethesda, and EA NEED to make cell phone games to fund their big titles. People are going to buy their games regardless of how terrible they are, while the vocal minority will continue to complain and eventually give in as well.
  5. Banjo Kazooie's in Smash baby! Also, the Breath of the Wild sequel looks interesting.
  6. My random thoughts of the week: I want a new Switch revision sooooo bad. The joycon rails on the current one are shit to the point where I can barely use it in handheld mode without the left one disconnecting. If the alleged revision has the joycons permanently attached and can still dock to the TV, then I'll trade my current one in in a heartbeat. Square Tortino Pizzas > Circle Tortino Pizzas 1366x768 should've died off years ago, and any manufacturer still using it should be banned from the market. May's not even over yet and I've already seen temperatures as high as 97* F. There will be no way in hell I'm ever buying a phone higher than $200. It's weird seeing girls you went to school with barely 4 years ago either pregnant, or already on their 2 or 3 child.
  7. Don't server crashes happen regardless on what platform it's on? It's not like they can preciously predict how many people are going to be on the servers at a single moment.
  8. SPOILERS FOR BREATH OF THE WILD. In case the few people who haven't played it yet still want to. I just beat Breath of the Wild, and I'm pretty disappointing. The game wasn't bad, but: I felt like Calamity Ganon was too weak. I literally didn't use the Master Sword at all since most of the time I just threw bomb arrows at him. And when I did get a close shot at him, I usually used the Lynel's weapons since those where more power at 70+. Mipha's Grace is a useless power. First off, you can only use it once every 30 minutes. Second, I can just go to a fairy fountain and nab a few fairies, eat a couple of meat skewers, and get the same results. Half of the Shrines were pointless. I rather have 60 shrines that test my puzzle solving skills than the 120 that we got were a good chunk of them were tests of strengths. Since this was my first ever Zelda game (shocker) I'm surprised that there's no post game. Would it have killed them to have some sort of post game cutscene of the divine beasts and Zelda's dad looking down with a smile on their faces, or Link helping Zelda rebuild the castle. Or why not just have us continuing going around Hyrule, going back to each village and have the people thanks us or something. Hell if Mario Odyssey let you do stuff post game, then BotW could've too. Also, Korok forest just be renamed framedrop forest.
  9. As often as your phone provider, ISP, online stores, and social media sites spy on you and have access to your personal data, people seriously have a problem with Windows 10 also "spying" on them? I've been seeing the same "Windows is spying on me" whining ever since XP, yet people still continue using the Operating Systems. And honestly, the two main reasons why I haven't switched over to linux yet are: 1. The community support is overall garbage. They expect you to know how to fix a problem via command line and will look down at you if you have any criticism about their favorite distro. Many of them don't realize that not everyone wants to go through the process of making a specific program work in Ubuntu over simply clicking 3 times for it to install on Windows. And many of them (not all linux users) being straight up snooty assholes to someone new to Linux isn't helpful at all. 2. The support for programs and games still isn't there. If more people are using linux, then the developers will put better support for it. But since that isn't the case, then a lot of devs are going to stick with Windows and Mac users.
  10. Hello, this is my first post here, but I was wondering if there's a specific pack of animations for fat or pregnant Sims? I've been testing out a few of them and while some of them are pretty good, a lot of them end up clipping through. Thanks in Advance.
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