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  1. If someone has updated this to SSE, can you upload it here?
  2. Why this in adults/sex mods but not in regular if "What you don't get: Girls. Dicks." "What you get: A deer race"
  3. Why PB devious guards theme not avaliable? https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/13239-pb-devious-guards/ It is sad. I wanted to test something new. New mods are rarely released, and old ones are mostly fixed bugs or transferred to the Special Edition.
  4. Is Facial stuff support planned? There simply, armbinder textures (and others) do not work, + roundwheel hands added by the mod move freely (which looks weird).
  5. When I put the armbinder on a pawn, I do not see the textures of "Armbinder Thin Side.png" and others. So it should be? Is this not yet implemented there for future updates, like a closed Yoke tag in the file "Items_Bondage.xml"? I would also like the compatibility of Bondage Gear with the Facial Stuff mod so that when Armbinder was put on hands to hide.
  6. without animation it's just beautiful accessories
  7. I've been thinking ... Guardians do not arrest npc attacking player, guards or other citizens. Why? Arrest is triggered if the NPC has health below some% or if from character traits / escape attempts / fear spells / still anything. It would be very cool if you added to the game. Not only must Dovakin be arrested. There are many cells in prisons, you can even put them in the main one. You already have script arresting follower, it is only necessary to remodel it for a new mechanics. It is not necessary to work out torture(because this take a lot time), for the time being, just arrest and
  8. Can you add support for the arrest of more than one follower pls? In new update, if don't hard. And add the option in mcm menu to disable the break of the leash. To the character all the way went automatically. I tried to do this in different mods, zaz, devious framework, POP but for some reason it does not work out (( Well, I would like in the future to be able to free myself when you were arrested and being already in the cell with the handcuffs on. Great mod. Thanks for the regular updates.
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