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  1. Okay then, specifically the padded cuffs I remember locking hand movement behind your back but I think I might just have misremembered. Thanks for the clarifications though, it really helped to make sense of everything! I'm just new to SE modding and a little bit sceptical that about everything I do lol
  2. Thanks for replying! Was it always like this? Played LE a long time ago but can't remember dealing with this back then. Anyway you are mostly right, a lot of the items in integration and expansion do work (yay). It seems like most things except for cuffs works properly, so armbinders, yokes, boots etc, which is kinda shit cause cuffs is generally what I use (and hence why I thought all items were bugged). Any idea why only these might not work while the others do?
  3. So I've got a rather strange problem. When equipping items from DDA the assets show up on the body but other than that nothing happens. No animations, no locking/unlocking/struggle things, no restrictions to actions, nothing. What's weird is that items from DDI will give the locking and escape prompts when equipping and unequipping but still no animations or restrictions. What's more is equipping items from ZAZ or using the ZAZ MCM menu will apply the appropriate animations, so it doesn't seem to be a animation problem. Any ideas for causes and solutions?
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