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  1. Does this mod replace what SE - Humanoid - Plus does? Or will I be missing out on the outfits and such from the Plus files if I run your mod? Edit: I've definitely found that I was missing at least one outfit with this mod activated. Though it may not be this patch specifically. I'll do some testing today and deactivate my other mods except this, and the requirements.
  2. Did I have a separate mod that allowed me to grow or shrink breast sizes for pawns? I also used to be able to use Prepare Carefully to give pawns varying genital/breast sizes.
  3. Yeah, I wasn't asking, was just letting you know that you weren't alone! I did use the external mod manager program the other person provided, and it's neat in that it shows conflicts and allows sorting of load order. Not sure how good it will work with multiplayer games, though- but then again, I won't be using any lewd mods for that!
  4. I have the same issue. Not a single mod downloaded from LL is showing in my manager. I installed them into Documents/Paradox/Stellaris/Mod. The .mod file and the accompanying folder are in there, but none of them appear in the launcher.
  5. I second this question. Is there any changes we can do ourselves locally to make it function well the newest version?
  6. I'm really thinking these dairy buildings and brothels should provide housing, and it would make sense for dairy cows and whores to live at these facilities- especially mindless dairy cows!
  7. Hey, does anyone know who the artist is of this portrait? It's from this mod, I believe. https://gyazo.com/b160f84eb03689123976eda65f5f10ef
  8. Well, from what I've seen, they can make a room into just a picture. Take a look here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=902204956 It's just basically backgrounds for your character. Some of them even have soldiers, or armies marching, or ships hovering about in the background. Some are even the "rooms" from the vanilla game, with a background behind the window- like overlooking a cyberpunk style city. Really neat stuff. I've always thought about finding orgy hall pictures or slaves in the background. From what I've read, you can even tie cert
  9. Honestly, could have an orgy or gangbang behind that window- Would look like the leader standing in front of the room was observing some lewds outside the window in another room, or something.
  10. Definitely interested with lewd slave orgy room backgrounds.
  11. I backed up all my mods and will just install them manually and roll back to the previous version probably.
  12. Yeah I made my entire gaming activity private. It won't show at all on Steam now- period. I only turn it on when I play Mordhau, so people on Discord can join me, but I also have my total hours played always set to private.
  13. I'm pretty sure you just need these: sexysxenos traits and more for Le Guin 2.2.rar sexysxenos_1.9.rar You can also have: sexysxenos cities.rar sexysxenos countries (requirements).rar I run with only sexysxenos_1.9
  14. Hey, your "hide event popups" setting doesn't seem to work. Would be cool if we could disable them! Edit: Yeah these events are causing my game to freeze a lot... Not sure why. Really love the mod otherwise.
  15. I love this mod! I hope you add more portraits in the future too. Currently using this alongside SSX and my game is full of porn. Thank you!
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