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  1. how come i cant make my purebloods hair change


  2. Version 2.0.0


    UPDATE: now High poly head compatible hello hello this is as you may have read is the special edition edition of my (OP) purebloods vampire race (not a port but a remake) just like their le counter parts they are (OP) primarily made for sacrosanct though base version is included. you start as vampire no turning and have high stats you can take out ebony warrior at lvl 1 no prob (literally if you use timing is everything) the approach to OP is different this time "racial trait not necessary" so you wont see the damage in the inventory but in combat results are obvious
  3. Depressed over the current culure

  4. Version 1.0.0


    just a trapdoor for the 2.0 dmra guts se edition of brideynas fetish girl i did this because the 2.0 version doesn't have the trapdoor on the inside option like 1.0 had, it just has the outside option this is really just for people who use 2.0 and better cities or some other mod that covers the outside trapdoor requires brideyna fetish girl dmra guts version 2.0 link in credits and original version plus trainer addon links in credits credits Brideynas Fetish Girl for DMRA-GUTS and UMK-RA-GUTS by samhain6 Brideynas Fetish Girl by Bri
  5. Version 1.0.0


    just some futa addons for muscle girl and dmra guts se once installed just select your respective lower body from sexual exploits settings spell menu undressing futa display options i did this for personal use and becuase muscle girl only had a strapon this overwrites that as well credits DMRA-GUTS BBB BB by samhain6 Oblivion Muscle Girl body and race by samhain6 LAPF By gregathit
  6. Version 1.0.1


    This mod is in an as is state since i no longer play le skyrim well I've been playing oblivion again as a vampire and noticed skyrim has a distinct lack of pure sexy (OP) grey skinned vampire races (vampire races reloaded, xenius vampires, etc) so i made my own. Now these mofos are OP and they are mainly intended for a female playthrough although you could play a male anyway they have high starting stats and a racial called purest blood also a secret perk in the readme (they didn't really need it as OP as they were already) DID I MENTION THEY'RE OP? they were made w
  7. Version 1.0.0


    i take no credit for this mod i am just making it easier for other people to find it considering it is no longer up on its original site PRESERVE THE MODS !
  8. Version latest


    i take no credit for this just uploading so it will be easier for people to find this old mod in the future what it actually is ? a trap race from way back that uses hgec textures and works well with set body screens are from the old forum posts where i got the archive
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