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  1. Thanks!! I'm glad it helped 😃 I hope you enjoy the animations 😄 Hello! I'm sorry you're having this problems with my files... Sometimes the archives can't be unzipped propperly when the winRAR has an older version, you can try updating it... or else if you have it updated try using 9zip to unpack the files 😁 If neither of those works please let me know! And thanks to you!
  2. Hey Ava! Try with this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vhxhscsrm2a2y6x/%255BNoir_and_Dark_Sims_4%255D_Bunben_Chair.rar/file I hope this helps, and if not please let me know 😁 And thanks to you! I hope you like it 😃
  3. I'm so glad you like them! 😃😁 Thank you!! Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the animations 😄😃
  4. Thanks a lot!! 😃 I hope you enjoy it 🤗
  5. Hey Bludrose! I just sent you a DM with a few steps you can do to solve this problem, I hope it helps you and if it doesn't please don't hesitate to tell me! 😄
  6. Thank you so much!! I hope you like the content 😃
  7. Thanks a lot for the words!! It means a lot to me 😃
  8. Hey sovvy! Of course... You can find the new animations in the main list marked with a white asterisk (*) on the right, and as ftes mentioned, at the bottom is the section "Whats new in version #", there's the information of the new animations added in the last update 😄
  9. Hmmm 🤔 it's really an issue... I just sent you a DM with some steps you can try to fix it 😄 I hope it helps you!
  10. Hey jkrbysims!, I just tried the anim to check what you're telling me and it seems to be working alright... this series is made only for the Large Ice Skating Rink, it's disabled for the other skating rinks and the small ice rink... can you tell me wich one are you using? 🤔
  11. Thanks to you!! I hope you like it 😄
  12. Hey Jaks! I don't know what specific Gifs you have as reference, but for example: There are 4 previews that were created by a more experienced user (Zivyx) in regarding the graphics, this are those: If you're talking about this, Zivyx made a comment explaining how were those graphics obtained, you can check it out here: Personally the only configuration I use is having activated: "Compressed Textures" and "Post Processing Effects" and deactivate: "Portable Mode" I hope this is helpful to you, if you have more questions about it please let me know 😄
  13. Thanks a lot!! I hope you like it and that you had an incredible Valentine's day 😃 Hi mferate! Thanks for commenting, the Bunben Chair has 3 different positions, make sure you use this one: Bunben Chair No.1 I hope this helps you!! if not, please let me know 😄 Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked it 😁
  14. Oh ok perfect! If you have any more doubts I'll be here... And yeah, "Caning" is the only Series that uses this accesory altough I'll make an update to make this accesory into an object so you won't have to put it manually in the CAS 😄
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