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  1. nice... but i guess it would not work together with Portrait than Trait mod? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1584690453
  2. @dewguru I can also confirm, the fix works fine. Thank you
  3. @dewguru Oh, i didnt even notice, no you cant visit the Inn :/ The solution would be to put those buildings into a town i guess...next patch maybe?? :)
  4. @dewguru Hi, atm i play as Venice I have a Wizard Tower in the Palace and one in the Barony, works fine as a Feudal Lord
  5. @dewguru Hiya, seems like you cant visit the Wizard Tower as a Merchant Republic
  6. 1.4.3 or 1.4.4 not savegame compatible... custom pictures where messed up and start over again^^
  7. I have a suggestion... Would it be possible to give some of the NPCs a Religion and Culture that they start with every time? I change the DWNPCs.txt every time so they have a fixed Religion and Culture Its kinda wrong that Elsa can be a berber with an african religion. also, how can you settle them to a domain? so Elsa/Anna and Co dont even start in the "wrong" region?
  8. i realy hope... at some point in the future... The mod update will say, save game compatible... so again, start over with my Liudolfinger game
  9. Yeah.. i never overwrite because of this... always delete the old files 1st... befor i install the new one well... i will see, how far i can play, befor i have to start over again
  10. yeah... i know its from DWF... but i did get a Kiss of Seduction every 3-5 days.. sometimes twice on one day....and that for ~10 years. it realy fealt like harassment. at one point i couldnt take it anymore and TABd out and wrote something in the DWF section... TABd back into the Game... and guess what... no more Kisses... i should have complaint earlier^^ same with Harley... new clone every year... and then... it just stoped
  11. @dewguru I did start a new game Like i said... i didnt get a clone Harley for like 30 years now Today i married Harley off and gave her husband a City... 4 years later still no clone Harley maybe it was just a hickup I had also a problem with Kiss of Seduction... popd up every 3-5 days for ~10 years... that was realy annoying... and then nothing... not sure what changed.. but iam gald it got resolved p.s. heres a nice Violet parr pic https://www.deviantart.com/nefrubi/art/Violet-Parr-The-Incredibles-773647016
  12. hmm... could this be a problem with the marriage? I did marry Harley off to a vasall at my Court... iam not sure if the problem was also bevor that time... and later i gave her husband a Barony at my Main Province. after she died of old age and the new one apeard, the event didnt fire again (keept her unmarried at my court so far) maybe thats a hint iam unsure about the timeline with her dying of old age and getting the new one, i can only say i killed 2 on my current char 2 years in a row... and then no new pop up so far (~30 years) maybe i messed it up in my post above this didnt happend with Powergirl... i did marry her myself and it did not happend with Two-Six, married here off to a vasal also... Something i liked at 1st but found odd after a while i got the Mr. Incredible and Family event... all good, i kinda liked that you could get his whole family but after 10-15 years he got killed... like 5 years later the event fired again... Its kinda odd that hes now jung again but his family is kinda old, or almost died of old age, or that i could get a complet fresh set, while most of the old ones where still alive (btw... i gave them also a Barony and the event didnt fire every year.. so all good tehre) in the end, iam not sure if it wouldnt be better, if you could just get them via decision or with a random event (which realy isnt that random if it fires everytime) i had Two-Six died of old age.. got a new one...she died because of smallpox or something like that a few months later... and got a new one right away.. she died also...and got a new one again...
  13. iam on my 4th char now... harley did pop up 3 times so far... one i did keep.. because tho old one died of old age... 2+3 i got them after ~1 year did pass... killed them. with the other chars it was also like 1 year between the extra one showed up i didnt get a new pop up for 21 years now shes my on/off lover and atm shes my spymaster
  14. Hello.... I have a small problem... my current char is "Emperor of the HRE"... Hes not a Succubus, hes an ordinary Human... He only got Virtue Traits + some other... hes literly a good guy He´s a Master of the Benedict order I get a Kiss of Seduction pop up like every 3-5 days, and it realy starts to annoy me Mods in Use all DWF Mods Dark World Extras Dark World Beyond heresy Heroes and Villains House Irae Mercenary Commander all Mods in latest Version On my first char, Charlemagne, i didnt get that much pop ups, maybe 1 every 1-2 years my second and third char didnt made it past ~20 bevor they died/got killed Iam now on my fourth Char (year 820), 35 years old.. married and 3 girlfriends because i hoped the pop ups would stop... well they dont I get Kiss of Seduction requests (also sometimes the vanilla request) from all over my realm... boys or girls.... and its not fun anymore... i kinda feal harrased by my people^^ edit: hmm, after i wrote this... i whent on with my game... not a single Kiss of Seduction pop up in ~5 years... I didnt restart the game... strange strange.. but if it stayes like that.. i whont complain
  15. As a Hero Its always the event with the Powergirl picture
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