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  1. Or yeah, something like that. Where SHOULD RMR show up in the load order anyway? I assumed it should be just below CBBE, but I've been wrong about mods alot.
  2. It only happened after I installed RMR. Unless the mod is inconsequential, and my game finally reached the breaking point.😆
  3. Love the mod, and it's working well once you get over the initial slider settings hump. But I am going to report two neat bugs, which might or might not be associated with installing part way through a playthrough. Something I shouldn't do, but couldn't resist when I discovered your mod existed (finally! An excuse for the single player bloodied archetype!). 1.) The quest page in the pipboy was flicking top to bottom without input. It's not constant, usually stops after a few seconds and only does it about 50% time you jump to the page. It's unusable when flicking, but i
  4. Well, thank you. I figured I wasn't the only one with this problem, but was simply wording my searches poorly. Going to install and test. Edit: yup, works great.
  5. Looksmenu. Specifically: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13627 To trigger the menu.
  6. It's CBBE. Once I got cbbe to where I liked it and understood it, I was unmotivated to change. Anywho! Pictures! -Bodyslidebase.jpg shows my normal default setting, and bodyslidechanged.jpg shows what it looks like when I just went nuts on the breast sliders. I did not change or reload the program or the viewer between pictures, just adjusted the sliders. -Gamebase.jpg is the in game base preset, and gamemorphed.jpg shows the clipping on the arms and breasts when you expand them past the default. I hope what xeldan says isn't true (no offense.) because
  7. Alright, so it seems like the morph files aren't being written or just aren't working, because everything lines up fine when I revert to my base bodyslide preset: but it's only the morph files for the bras because I can reshape the rest of the suit to my hearts content in game and it works great. I tested it by reverting to a looksmenu preset which was my basic bodyslide, examining, then altering the body by just maxing out the various breast, butt, hip and thigh sliders and looking for clipping. I reinstalled, but it made no difference. I did notice that in bodyslide,
  8. Yup. The "Bra", "Inner Effect" and "Inner" (which are the only parts not working properly, the rest of the outfit is fantastic.) pieces are changing when I use any breast slider in bodyslide. Every "Base" option also shows the changes when using the sliders. I briefly thought that maybe my physics plugin was breaking something (I use OCBPC for cbbe.), but when I use the actual bra on the suit, the straps are seem clipping through the breasts, and the straps are reacting to movement exactly as everything else is. Plus, there's not been any problem at all on any other outfits, never
  9. So... does anyone have a fix for the VTS where the tits pop out through the top, regardless of the top, and regardless of how many times I rebuild the files in bodyslide, making sure to include the morphs option? Or at least know why it's happening?
  10. Ahh, cool. Thank you. Just for the record: one was in slave harness (which has a chastity shield on it.) and the other two had leg shackles. It did the same thing to me as it did during the shopping quest: just nothing happened. No animation, just finished the conversation and off you go. Normally, I try to free them too, but arousal was at 100 and chloe wasn't having it; something had to give. Kinda wish there was an after option though: "What do you do now? Free her, add more, leave her alone."
  11. Okay, so... probably a stupid question: but do some of the devices block sex entirely? Cause I was sent on the shopping quest in a straightjacket/legbinder and there were no animations, just pushed on to the next step in the quest. Also: I was only able to rape one of the four bound girls in whiterun.
  12. Cause I knew I had seen it somewhere, but couldn't remember where. I did wind up getting from one of your posts and not the SSE conversion thread like I thought. Thank you kindly.
  13. So I tried again this morning. Last night, I put the actual 4.51 skeleton on (rolling back to an earlier edition used to work well for fixing this.), this morning I wiped the inis, the saves, ran bodyslide and fnis and hit it again... Here, the important part: I forgot to plug my controller in. Yes, I do use a controller, I prefer it for beth games and it's a long standing thing with me since I started with morrowind on the original xbox. Worked great with mouse and keyboard. No crash. Lovely struggle animation. Plugged in controller. Loaded the save, tried again. CTD.
  14. Alright, so... I went slowly, 3-4 mods at a time, often just some textures, or world edits; Like Ancient land. Every single fucking time, SOMETHING breaks. But I literally HAD all these mods working together and WITH DCL and all the rest. So I'm installing all my other mods, and will do the lovers lab stuff at the very end and pray that it works cause I am not spending the days it would take to troubleshoot everything one at a time for a beta which is apparently finicky like a hungry, sleepy 2 year old. I love DCL, but damn, it is tweaky. Edit: installed my
  15. YoJimboRatchet: absolutely, and normally I would. But in deference for speed; I'm throwing stuff together and trying to group things in a such a way that the one causing problems is obvious. For instance, in this last batch: the most "complex" mods to get added were the estrus stuff. They caused CTD on struggle. Out they went and when I tried again: everything worked. The upshot is: NOW all that's left is armor, weapon and world mods, and those have never given me problems with DCL or animations. Edit: shame for estrus though. I did want those mimic chests...
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