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  1. I'm using the script on Clothing and Clutter Fixes because I feel the need to double check. Granted, Bad Dog most likely fixed it up since I last used it. Come to think of it, the hoods might've actually come from the Immersive College of Winterhold, as I seem to remember the college guards having it. Keep in mind, I'm going off of what I can remember when I last played a few months ago. I haven't actually booted the game up yet, so assume that it's not a current issue. I'll try that suggestion tomorrow, er, ten or twelve hours from now when I try to patch Skyrim Sewers agai
  2. It worked on all of them except for Skyrim Sewers for some reason. Here's the log that followed. Looking over it, I have no clue why it's assigning Apachi hairs, Campfire, COT, General Stores, and ImCh (Immersive Children) as masters.
  3. I tested JK's Skyrim, Dawn of Skyrim, Skyrim Sewers, and Riverwood Keep. They all returned the same error. I downloaded the mod just two days ago, so I should have the latest. It worked in my setup before as well. However I remember there being these "Embellished Mage hood"s that had serious clipping errors that I wanted to fix. I thought that mod added them, but perhaps not. It could be Clothing and Clutter fixes, but the script doesn't like that mod too much either.
  4. Been while since I've been here, love what you've done with the mod, BadDog! However, I'm running into problems with your TES5Edit scripts. I have a few mods in my load order that I think I'd need to furrify in order for things to work smoothly. Notably Dawn of Skyrim, JK's Skyrim (I have a patch file that lets the two work together, no need to worry) and Skyrim Sewers. It's giving me some errors when I try to add the furrify script namely, Exception in unit UserScript line 248: Error in unit 'UserScript' on line 2436 : Type mismatch I also have an armor mod, Common Clothes an
  5. Just like those who already said it, please post the load order and especially images like that in a spoiler. Anyway, first your unofficial legendary patch should always come directly after the dlcs. Move lanturns of skyrim somewhere else. You've got two race comptibilities, kick one of them out. Get rid of that... high heel mod. Dare I ask why you had that installed? Nevertheless, it's not compatible. Other land mods such as Gray Fox Cowl and Falskaar are not officilly supported at the moment unless you patch them yourself, which I don't think y
  6. Been a while since I've been here, probably not as long as last time though. Finally had the time to start a serious playthrough with Yiffy Age 5.12. It's been going pretty smooth too. Running an altmer mage that has a fairly good stock of destruction spells. So far my highest skills are destruction, aliteration, and enchanting, yet powerful enough to one-shot the bone dragon in the Labyrinthian. Despite that, I've noticed some issues with certain headgear, limited to circlets, certain hoods, and dragon priest masks. They seem to clip with my character's head barely b
  7. That looks like the statue from Dragonfall castle. Looks really nice though!
  8. True, without Serana there practically is no Dawnguard DLC. :P Although, to my knowledge, Kara's still in the writing stage, so it might not be fair to compare the two. At least not yet anyway. Yeah, I've been having the same issue. Site goes up & down repeatedly, usually in the morning. Makes me kind of worry about the site.
  9. So, it's been a while since I've been here. I'm looking for some help with getting my build stable enough to play/work on a Armor & Clothing for Kids Patch. Currently I seem to CTD during a loadscreen for some reason. Below is my current loadorder and the modlist as generated by MO. Been using LAL with the Breezehome setup and it crashes when I try to leave. Load Order: Mod List On another note, @Bad Dog, I think you might want to take a look at the main file for the loincloth. It's completely missing leaving a big hole in the groin. S
  10. Yes, I am also using the 2K textures as well. Possibly there's an issue with that one for some reason? I'm not using the CBBE patch because I don't have a CBBE body; I use the vanilla body as it works just fine. Smaller textures doesn't show in the load order for some reason though. I should be using the latest of everything though. Alright, I'll try that then. I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: Just to clarify, do you mean the adult races such as BretonRace, NordRace, etc.? Because I tried that already, same result. I couldn't find such
  11. I noticed a fairly obvious neck seam on Olfina Gray-Mane, might even be the grey face bug. No npc modifications are loaded after YA, not even in my bashed patch, so it might be an issue with the mod itself. Might be more Npcs like this in that case. Load Order, just for the records: Anyway, been working on a patch for Armor & Clothing for Kids, but it's not doing so well. How that mod works is by simply setting the default race as their armor race. However, setting any armor race for them renders their bodies invisible, leaving just floating heads. It was funny a
  12. Learning from my mishap yesterday, I decided to tackle the two mods in separate patches (which is probably the smarter idea) and started fresh. I've got a working patch created for Immersive Children here. It messed with races a little bit. Mostly with children but also added a "IsAdult" keyword on the base races. Tested and all children can now be pick-pocked & killed. Might need to be placed last as far as patches go, because like the base mod, it involves removing the "child" flag from the children races. Other patches touching the races should be loaded before. At any rate,
  13. As broken as this is, it's hilarious seeing two floating heads arguing with no one paying them any mind. XD Disclaimer: not an issue with Yiffy Age itself, just an issue with an attempted patch between Yiffy Age, Immersive Children, and Armor and clothing for kids. Going to have to double check what I'm doing wrong there. I second this, but expanded on the other hair mods included in the HairPatch from YA 4 as well. Been wanting to use the Apachi Hairs for my Altmer, but there's so much clipping it's ridiculous. Same goes for the other hair mods. Oh, by the way, @Bad Dog,
  14. For one, all YA plugins need to be at the bottom of the load order, just before your merged/bashed patches. YiffyAgeConsolidated.esp needs to be the first one with YiffyAgeDigi following it. All other patches should follow right after it. Your bashed patch needs to at the very bottom of your load order. Have you ran LOOT? If not, then you need to do so, it'll reorder most of your mods for you. You just need to make sure that the above holds true. Beyond Skyrim Bruma probably isn't going to work all that much without a remade patch. I'm not sure if Immersive
  15. It'd be helpful if you can post a full load order. LOOT has the ability to generate a load order list easily. MO does the same, and it's entirely automatic. It'd be found in the profile folder. Are you saying that you have four copies of YA Digi all installed at once? You only need one, which should be the latest. The falmer feel left out of the "furrfied wishlist". XD I think draugr and the falmer may be easier to make as most of the mesh work is already done, just need some alternate textures. Getting them to work the first try might be another story thoug
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