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  1. 偉大的創作 害我也好想加入背景的製作行列 如果有成品我會先貼到這邊試試看
  2. 如同The Butler說的一樣 是其他的創作者所創作的作品 我只是稍微的修改一些東西 原作者的作者連結 我不是很清楚 我只知道在Steam及Nexus 這兩個地方找到這個皮膚 如果是問我的創作作品連結 可能不太算是有 只是一個類似於倉庫的發布站 最後 我看不懂英文 所以我都是用翻譯的方式在閱讀文章的 ----- As The Butler said, works by other creators I just changes a little something The original author's author link I am not very clear I only know that I found this skin in both Steam and Nexus. If you are asking my creative work link, it may not be a good one. It is just a publishing station similar to a warehouse. At last I can't read English, so I use the translation me
  3. I made a lancer character skin simple modification It contains a version with a penis and no penis I am not planning to post on nexus because I did not get permission from the creator. (translation) https://mega.nz/#!tdkyGaZC!enOA8QDC_LsOIGXymyB1qBNSlSKGq1dAtVg6VpQiVtY
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