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  1. Ok thanks! Another dumb mistake ? Um, and (maybe) one last thing. What was the fix for when your whole character turns blue/ purple?
  2. When I type in the alchemy ID player.additem 0005BD79 it just says invalid object ID. What does that mean?
  3. Thank you Okay, so does anyone know how to 'level-up' as a cow without going through the milk machine? Is there some command or potion that can be used? Thanks once again!
  4. Does anyone have the link to 18pre3? I can't seem to find it ? Thanks! ❤️
  5. Why does it keep giving me an anti-virus warning when attempting to install the preview of the next update? Is it just my software being dumb or is something legitimately wrong with the link? --Thanks! ❤️
  6. Question! So, when my PC has an armbinder/ yoke/ [other arm-binding device], should I still be able to access my inventory? I remember in an older version that once your arms were bound, you were greeted with a pop-up message giving you options to either, "Struggle Break Free Carry On", and now I can open my inventory menu and all but now can't interact with items. Is there an option somewhere in the MCM, or was that just a change made in the later version to make the game a tad easier so you could at least look at your inventory. Thanks! ❤️
  7. Hey! Great mod, but I do have a question just for my own curiosity. I made it all the way to Marc to get the papers for being legally owned by Paul in Being a Cow- Skyrim. He said it would take a while, and I've waited, but all's it does is keep the quest pointed on him, and doesn't progress. I don't know if this feature of the quest is completed yet, but I just felt like I should ask. And another question is, the enslaved quest 2.. what is that? Is it another chance to be captured, and is that in the mod yet? Not pushing, but just curious so I can stay in the k
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