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  1. How do I make sims have sex without relationship? Any command or cheat?
  2. Solved. I install: SOS Futa + Beeing Female + Sexlabgender My problem now is when I use Defeat and kidnap and gag my victim, she screams and alerts the guard. Is a bug?
  3. I have managed to make my character futa visually thank you. But now I want it to be functional. I want to get my bitches pregnant
  4. I use SOS full. I tried to use Femboy but can not see the dick. Is there any spell changes your gender even if it changes you completely?
  5. I like to play like a female character but I also want to make my slaves or other women pregnant. I can not install any functional mod. Some help? I use CBBE with AIO cbbe hdt and leyenda skin.
  6. Hi, I downloaded the project pack skysex but this is all in Russian. I want to translate it into English.
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