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  1. I feel like this is a long-shot but I might as well try. I had this mod installed before my harddrive died and I lost everything and I can't seem to find it again. It added a bunch of slutty big boobs clothes to (I think) a chest in Victor's shack or Goodsprings Gas Station? It also changed stuff like Sunny's outfit to nearly topless and Vault Jumpsuit to having a wide-open front. There was outfits with tassles and like a sexy ghost suit and goth dresses and a bunch of other stuff, but most importantly, there were 3 different tops which were all just M A S S I V E tits that your character could wear like clothes. They had names like "bakyuunyu" which made me think the set was possibly Japanese originally? None of the outfits or even regular body replacers I find even look close in size to what I remember, unfortunately. They were so huge that your characters arms would literally clip into them when you ran lol. I really want to find this mod again. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  2. Sorry for coming back to you so late but I had to do some fixing this past week after my PC died. I actually full re-installed this just now again on a fresh W10 and figured it out. As soon as installed a new ENB... the problem disappeared! It must've been some issue with the way my gfx card was handling lighting, but it works perfectly now. Like I said before, I was pretty sure it was something stupid, and of course it was.
  3. This is a really great mod. I have the physics and main body working perfectly and am really enjoying it, but unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the hand textures in my game whenever I load your custom skins and meshes. They revert to what looks sort of like the default texture? I have nothing in my load order but the bare minimum required to run this. I have installed and uninstalled about a dozen times so far and I really have no idea what to do next. I don't have this same problem with other skin mods and feel like I am probably doing something really stupid. When I look in Data, I can even tell that all the textures are coming from your mod. But I'm getting nothing. What could be the problem? Edit: tried Nifskope and even that tells me that it is taking the meshes and textures from your mod. Whenever I switch to literally any other texture replacer it is fixed instantly. I have no idea what's going on at this point and no clue how to fix it beyond trying ANOTHER full re-install which really doesn't sound appealing since that's what I've been doing over and over for days.
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    Sexout Spunk

    that is absolutely what it was, thank you!
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    Sexout Spunk

    I've been trying for hours to make this work and I give up on figuring it out myself. All I want is for my female character to be able to orgasm when she uses a strap-on. But currently she gets ZERO arousal build-up whatsoever, no matter I do. Not slow arousal build-up, but literally zero. I've tried fiddling with all the settings in lists, deactivating every single mod except Spunk, and still get nothing. I'm using the correct strap-on (the Penetrator), but now even if i de-equip it I still do not get arousal from regular sex or masturbating. It's like it has completely stopped functioning for my character in any form, but it still works perfectly fine for every other character in the game, including female characters with strap-ons which work flawlessly. My "Lust" meter has also entirely vanished, although it still says "Lust:" on the screen, with no numbers next to it. Can anyone help me out here? I'm so confused and really have no idea what to even try and do next. I'm not even sure what to copy and paste from the Log to be honest but here you go: I'm no genius but things like "arousal -225" and "value is -675.611" kind of seem off to me. Please help and thanks in advance.