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  1. Today I tried out your techsuit and need to say you did a gread job. I like it a lot, thank you for this mod. There are a few things I would like to see added to this mod. The first thing is some devious devices functionality. So once you put the suit on you can not remove it until you find a special key. Second an option to apply some armor to the techsuit in the armor workshop. And last another version of the helmet with some visor or other opening for the eyes. While I like the design of the current helmet, it breaks my immersion, how my character can see when she
  2. Hello everybody. I had and still have a great time with this awesome mod. For me it became already an essential part of Skyrim. My Dragonborn has to get used to run around bound and gagged :-). Good that she is already well trained. @skyrimfet I want to say thank you for your good work and hope you will continue to improve it further. I am curious about the new version of DTII. Is there a chance that you will upload the newest version as a single file and make it available under the download option on the first page of this thread? I also would like to make some suggestio
  3. Sleeping and waiting is working for me, at least to the point where the massage appears, that the maidens shield can be removed. If I try to do that the next massage suggest it is successfully removed. Anyway the belt will stay on and has its effect regardless how ofen I try to remove it. For me the only way to solve the problem with the maidens shield is to reload an older save, where I have not equipted it and make sure I won't do so. Perhaps someone can figure out what the ploblem is with the help of the Papyrus file attached here. The showinventory command gives thr
  4. I guess these problems are connected to each other. In some case dcl equips broken items, that have no effect on your charakter at first and do not appear in your inventory. If later another DD item gets equipted in the same slot, that item breaks as well and will bind your charakter. Thought you are no longer able to unequip this broken item. In case that the broken item is a quest item (like the maidens shield) you also can no longer remove it with the "removeitem" command in the console. So far I have not found a solution either, exept for reloading an older save, where you have
  5. Hello here is another bug and I have not found a solution so far. I am using the latest version (hopefully) of dcl (7.3) My character has the maidens shield equipped, but it can not be removed even after the timer has expired. The option to remove it is available and gives the right response (text box) but after pressing ok, the maidens shield is still equipped. It can also not be removed with the console (removeitem <id> or removeallitems). There are 3 invisible item in my inventory that are labeled, bad editor id, after using the command showiventory. These are
  6. Now it works and patreon does not ask for my address anymore. I wonder if there are others like me who were deterred by that option. Perhaps this is a good time to bring up some remarks with your mod. 1) I had a few problems with the rubber ballet boots from the chest in the basement. If I put them on, quite often either the boots or other bondage equipment got stucked and could no longer be removed at all. That happened quite often when the mistress changed the item on the player for a quest. This bug did not appear with the normal rubber boots. In some few chases it caused t
  7. Hello Greyspammer, I really like your mod. This and the DD framework are the main reason I bought skyrim at all. I thoght donating a bit by patreon, but I had one problem with that. You have activated some kind of reward option. Because of that I need to enter my private adress, when I try to use patreon. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to my private data, so hat will not happen. For example the patreon page for kimy does not ask for my private adress. Perhaps there are a few more people who would be willing to donate to your work if you switch this option off, just a guess.
  8. Hello Together, here comes another bug report. I recently played the “Leon” quest which was very good and worked well. At the end The player has the choice to be enslaved by either Leon or Leah, nice idea for a follow up. I only tried the option with Leah and there some problems occurred. Leah was no longer in the “Bannerd Mare Inn” as usual and also nowhere else to find. After a random amount of time she suddenly appeared next to me and checked if I follow her rules. I tried this quest several times (“be a good girl”) and most of the time Leah never showed up (wai
  9. Cheating the diary pages in my inventory with console command was successful and I could finish the bound queen quest without further bugs. Also just my opinion, there should be an option to torture Julius in the end ? Very nice quest and I am looking forward what DCL has still in store for me. I am not sure if that is helpful information, but this is the load order of my mods: Skyrim.esm=1 Update.esm=1 Dragonborn.esm=1 HearthFires.esm=1 Dawnguard.esm=1 Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp=1 hdtHighHeel.esm=1 SexLab.esm=1 SexLabAroused.esm=1 ZaZA
  10. Thank you for the fast reply Kimy. I definitively do not find the diary pages in any dungeon chests. I can however cheat them with the console in my inventory and the quest realizes that I found them. The quest (The bound Queen) is at stage 40 at the moment. player.sqs dcur_royalchastity shows that all stages up to 40 are set to 1 and from 50 onward to 0. sqv dcur_royalchastity states that the quest is running. I am quite new to modding (better said using mods) and so very inexperienced to this. Will it cause problems later if I create the dairy pages with playe
  11. Hello together, first I want to thank kimy for providing such a great mod and giving this kinky environment to us. now I have a question about the bound queen quest and I have not found the answer so far. For some reason I can not find any diary pages. All the pieces of Queen Sarah's set are equipped. After some time I even tried to set the drop changes to 100%, but still no pages can be found. I looted several dungeons of different types. I also spoke with all members of the college in winterhold, in case that the hunt for the diary is just a joke. Is there some hi
  12. Just want to say, that this is a really great mod. Thank you for creating it, it was one of the mayor reasons why I recently bought skyrim. I just finished the Trapped in Rubber Questline and hope that there will be more in the future. Thought there were a couple of bugs, that obstructed my playthrough. 1) Most often the Mistress was not in the entrance room of the tower, when she should have. The quest marker pointed me to the party room, which was closed. When that happened teleporting her to me with the console command helped to continue the story. 2
  13. Hi again, while playing with this mod I had an idea that did not let me go. You could name it deviously cursed power armor. What if there would be a luring power armor in the wastland invented by a mad genious, but as soon as it closes you are trapped in it without the possibility to get out. Then an artifical intelligence contacts you and tells you what you have to do to get out of it. That by itslef is not very sexy, but somhow I think it would still fit to the deviously cursed wastland theme. Also there are some option to spice things up. I rememberd an old anim
  14. Hello to everyone, in my last post I already adressed a few bugs I tumbled upon while playing mit this wonderful mod. Here I want to add two other I have experienced so far (now with version 1.4). 1) Combat surrender: If my character wears a corset or hobble dress, she instantly surrenders when beeing damaged by an enemy, even thougth she is holding a weapon and can fight back. On the other hand, when she is equipted with bondage mittens, whitch prevents her from fighting, she does not surrender imidately. The sadest point here is, that I actually like to run arount
  15. Hi all. The first I want to say is thank you Kimy for this great mod. It makes Fallout 4 much more exiting. In the last few days I found a couple of bugs. Perhaps others have also stumbled upon them. 1) View at the Pipboy is block: While wearing a corset and being in sneaking mode the view on the pip boy is blocked. I guess it is a part of the character model. If I stand up I can access the pip boy normally. 2) Arm ties (armbinders, Shackles): The arms of the character are no longer restricted when sitting down and become free. If the character stands up from the chair,
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