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  1. Thanks, I think you may be right. I can't find anything other than it being the same mesh as Heretical Resources
  2. Thanks for the awesome animations I have a request if you are interested 2019-10-07-2246-19.mp4
  3. Thanks, I believe I use Hawt HDT physics on nexus, but I may have tweaked it. The base ENB is Rampage
  4. @Gunslicer Thanks for the constant updates 105 is my new favorite
  5. Yea, pretty much, and mashups of a couple of other pieces
  6. Bodytype: Armor is based on Tera Orphic/Elven Inquisitor. The outfiit is heavily customized by removing parts and retexturing. I would share the mashup but there are lots of parts of the mesh that don't line up properly...
  7. I like your latest animation post.  What do you use to make such eye-popping animations?


    Here a link to what I'm am talking about?



  8. I believe it's this one https://codecpack.co/download/FFInputDriver.html
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