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  1. Oh wow, i never thought i would see this released. Thanks so much.
  2. It really seems to be related to AFT, because the workaround i found is kinda simple: do not enslave them while they are followers. If they are enslaved like every other NPC the issue is not present.
  3. I have an issue with slaves completely reverting to random clothes (invisible in their inventory) when using fast travel. I can only remove them with console, but they are back next time anyway - so it's just the vanilla issue. I always used AFT to resolve that as its gear menu always worked. Thing is, pahe slaves are not companions and are removed from AFT when enslaved and when i try to add them again using AFT make follower they names disappear and they cannot be talked to anymore. Please help, i'm getting crazy with this crap, either: 1. How to PERMANENTLY clear their inventory so i can set their equipment in pahe, or 2. How to make AFT work on slaves
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