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    Building 59, apartment 25
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    *science-y stuff - biology, medicine, nature, except forestry. Fuck trees! :D Worked at two arboretums and it was the most boring drag ever! Plus hate forest work at my mum's. The humidity, ticks, physically strenuous work, the hard/sharp wood cutting and scratching you - horrible!


    *cooking, sometimes. I love food, always! Can't wait to get an oven for my next birthday. I'm gonna cook the crap out of it!

    *something creative. Creating things with hands
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    I like veg. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli are my faves. I know most people don't like them but meh.

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    banned cause of a bitch celeb with double standards lol I'm not deleting my tweet so she can go fuck herself :) My life will not end cause I can't use Twitter. But that bitch is beyond stupid :D Not cause I got banned but for her double standards

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  1. TheWhite

    What's on your mind?

    Thinking whether I should go down town. It's late, it's snowy and slippery out. I'll ask people if they wanna go. If someone wants to I'm going.
  2. TheWhite

    Seasons Greetings

    that's cute but what about the people who originally had the holiday before others came and tainted it? No love for those? Just the defilers?
  3. TheWhite

    Seasons Greetings

    Don't celebrate this bogus holiday.
  4. TheWhite

    Tumblr Users! Beware!

    I've seen some simblrs I follow go on twitter. Sucks ass. I'm banned on twitter And I will not be doing anything to get unbanned since they want me to take back what I said. I guess I'll just bookmark the simblrs and check them out like that.
  5. TheWhite

    Relationship Scenarios

    1. if I had met a single dad then I'd NEVER get in touch with him again. Wouldn't even have wanted his number and FB in the first place. The exes of single dads are psychos. Period. Those men have no chance ever again. 2. Wouldn't even had a one night stand with a dude who has a kid cause his ex is a psycho.
  6. TheWhite

    Tumblr Users! Beware!

    tumblr is stupid anyway. Horrible SJW people on it. Like a kindergarten for idiots. I don't care if my account gets deleted or if people leave it. Those kinda people do not deserve a platform. It's basically a meeting place for the crazies who hate straight white people. I'm on it only for simblrs. And I don't understand the fuss about the lana blog. She doesn't create anything herself, she just gathers other people's work, you can bookmark that stuff yourself.
  7. TheWhite


    how will they block these websites? How do they know where someone posts a meme, quote or whatever is not allowed?
  8. TheWhite

    The positive thought thread.

    Mm, just had two rounds of instant noodles. I wanted them, I made them.
  9. My mum. She goes around saying how women who wear skimpy clothes deserve to be raped and how it's their own fault. I tell her men rape and abuse women regardless of how they dress. It's not about the clothes it's about testosterone and men have it no matter what the woman wears. And she goes on and on about how women deserve it. At the same time though, I tell her she wears "normal" clothes and gets abused too. She says no. It's unreal how in denial she is about the disrespect she gets from her man. She means nothing to him and shows it and she lets it slide. And she constantly says how she's stupid and ugly and what not and how he doesn't want her. But when I remind her of all this when she hates on other women she says everything is fine for her and her man. Yea right. He is so disregarding of her it makes me feel so uncomfortable. He literally crosses the line with me, in a "flirty" manner and not just with me, other young women too. And my mum thinks she has the right to say other women deserve to be treated with abuse and disrespect and says she herself has dignity. Fuck. She's so old and yet so stupid still. Oh and she has told me "fun" stories of my dad too. I would never in a million, trillion years be in a relationship with men like that or relationships like that. Never gonna happen. She shits on the other women while she's the exact same. So yeah if you let that shit slide then you do deserve it, just like she does.
  10. Same. It doesn't piss me off majorly but it's stupid. I don't care for US traditions and don't see what my country has anything to do with them. We already have our own version of Halloween so why in the world is that even a thing in our country I have no clue. Nobody wants to celebrate our own old traditions, they go after "fancy" western crap. I loathe the way my homecountry tries so desperately to seem western. Like there's anything good or different from the eastern crap there.
  11. I can't say I relate back. I'm talking about real life and real people, nothing to do with online games or strangers online. There was no backstabbing and I'm not that proud and vengeful to react like that I simply cut him out cause he was a shitty person in general and told him I never wanted to talk to him again. And I meant never. He just didn't respect my wishes and kept pushing his idiotic agenda he did back in the day, the reason why I cut him out. Just cause a year has passed doesn't mean his ideas are any less idiotic. He is hands down!!!! the worst dude I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with in my personal life. And the fucker places above the damn fucktard who raped me. I mean, you really gotta go out of your way to place above a rapist. In the shitty person chart, that is.
  12. TheWhite

    WickedWhims - 13 January 2019

    1. Can't remember if I posted this already or not but please, please, let the sims get pleasure from wanking! I don't always have time to make two sims have sex. Like one has to shower, eat, sleep when the other one's horny. It was better before even if the result was not that satisfying. Right now wanking is quite pointless cause there is no reaction whatsoever. 2. If possible then maybe do something about the lovelorn moodlet. Or maybe I'm not understanding it. Sometimes my sims get the moodlet like an hour after sex. I know there's the sexually abstinent trait but something in the middle would be nice. Like if they haven't had sex for a couple of days or so then they get tense. Right now as I said it's almost all the time, the moodlet there, or then with the trait they don't want anything. They're a bit too extreme. Or is there a way I can do something in the settings?
  13. Shit, you're Russian? Where in Russia do you live?