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    I like veg. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli are my faves. I know most people don't like them but meh.

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  1. TheWhite

    Are You Superstitious?

    No. I'm vigilant.
  2. TheWhite

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    Where in the world do you see me implying it? lol All I said was I never heard of this guy. It was the person replying to me first implying I shouldn't post. I just used their logic back at them. You're just biased. @Cynical Misanthrope, @MonkeyShoulder thanks for the info.
  3. TheWhite

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    So...? Not saying they can't post what they want. Not everyone knows people you know.
  4. TheWhite

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    Mm, I thought this was a forum for people to talk with one another? I could say I never quite understood the motivation people have to open threads about random unknown people dying. I don't know anything about modding either yet... here I am like most other people.
  5. TheWhite

    Cynical Brit/Total Biscuit died

    Never heard of this person.
  6. TheWhite

    We're getting Sims 4 Seasons!

    not a witch. Not a superpower. Something else.
  7. TheWhite

    We're getting Sims 4 Seasons!

    I was gonna post about this too but... my feelings are proven right, right now. People seem to only care about the sex mod and boobs and stuff here No one has replied in this wonderful news thead in almost 24 hours. I'm a little disappointed with the features but I know I will love the weather.
  8. TheWhite

    What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

    I had to google that lol I don't cheat to this day. I like challenging gameplay. Ohh, it's all kinda "electronic" games... then I played Tank Battle videogame. You know with the eagle at the bottom you had to protect? Super Mario and Circus, Adventure Island (still bitter I never completed the whole game, always got killed in what I thought was the final forest and the "little dude figurines" were the cutest). Then there was some Chip and Dale game. Some Mowgly game. Some weird two bird game that you could play in pairs and the storks or whatever ran around with guns. The Simpsons's game. The one where you could shoot the ducks and some other flying things with the plastic gun.
  9. TheWhite

    What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

    Sims 1 on my friend's computer. I got my first computer when I was 20 I come from a poor family, okay?!
  10. TheWhite

    After you die...

    no buff, more like flab, the puffiness.
  11. TheWhite

    After you die...

    you want money in advance? Cause... you can say no to organ donation at any time No one will pay you in advance.
  12. TheWhite

    Where are you from?

    Not really. Eastern European sister here
  13. TheWhite

    After you die...

    I just came across a little chat about this topic. And I've had it, for some reason, several times with my mother. So I thought I'd open a thread here too. After you die, do you wanna be remembered? Do you wanna leave some big legacy behind? Do you want your close family to remember you or the relatives in the future to know a person like you existed in their family tree? Or do you not care at all cause... death is death. I myself could not care less about being remembered. In fact I do not wanna be remembered. I do not want a funeral nor do I want anything physcial to remind anyone of me. I do not want a burial site or anything either. And no, I do not want something sentimental like have my ashes thrown into the sea or something. My dead body can very well rot anywhere. I care about myself but once I'm dead, I'm no use to anyone so... and graves are a hassle to the living family anyway. Who has to go and take care of it and such. Inconvenient and unnecessary cause the dead don't know/care anyway. Sorry for the morbidity I just find it weird people wanna be remembered cause... why? edit: oh and I have officially signed up to be and organ donor and my body to be used for science. Not for me but just for someone else's sake. To officially be just body parts and have scientists poke the dead body for further knowledge so they can help other people. I'm just a little tool.
  14. I'd restart it lol No business with not aging. I'm not suicidal but my health is too bad to live forever. The sooner I die the better lol.
  15. TheWhite

    WickedWhims - 11 May 2018

    how do you pee with this mod? I read some place you can pee everywhere or something.