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    *science-y stuff - biology, medicine, nature, except forestry. Fuck trees! :D Worked at two arboretums and it was the most boring drag ever! Plus hate forest work at my mum's. The humidity, ticks, physically strenuous work, the hard/sharp wood cutting and scratching you - horrible!


    *cooking, sometimes. I love food, always! Can't wait to get an oven for my next birthday. I'm gonna cook the crap out of it!

    *something creative. Creating things with hands
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    I like veg. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli are my faves. I know most people don't like them but meh.

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    banned cause of a bitch celeb with double standards lol I'm not deleting my tweet so she can go fuck herself :) My life will not end cause I can't use Twitter. But that bitch is beyond stupid :D Not cause I got banned but for her double standards

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  1. TheWhite

    Flickr Alternatives

    Doesn't this mean you just post "unsafe" pics? You can set your account to restricted yourself. If you don't want this, then start cateogirzing your pics yourself. If you upload "unsafe" pics set them as restricted and everything else is how it is. Only people with a safe filter on won't be able to see your pics, like kids I guess. So...
  2. TheWhite

    you are prejudiced?

    Sure, it's natural. I'd say one's mentally retarded if they don't have any idea about anything. You gotta anticipate something cause if you were a wild man living in wild nature you'd need to be alert and aware of danger.
  3. TheWhite

    Do you believe in people changing?

    Okay, this jock/nerd thing is such a tired topic. People are not one thing and one thing only. You can be opposites at the same time. Nothing in this universe is stagnant so...
  4. @procian is this the only problem?
  5. I have a lot of mods and CC so I have no idea what could be causing the problem. I have as much updated as I can but...
  6. TheWhite

    What's on your mind?

    The annoying rash on my thigh. Is it the same allergy I've had for a year or something else now? Ugh I'm done being itchy. Also, I think I finally realised what has been causing my headaches. And I wonder if my mum wants me to go see her at the hospital tomorrow or not. She should have a horrible procedure done so I'm not sure how she will feel afterwards and I don't think I can go before.
  7. TheWhite

    Help modding vanilla game.

    Ah. Well modthesims is a good website for mods. @oceaniaisbad just pick sims 4 and go through the mods. Also some bigger ones are the extreme violence mod, road to fame and MCCC and basemental drugs. I don't use most of them lol
  8. TheWhite

    Help modding vanilla game.

    Um I use custom aspirations and careers. Not sure if linking to another such website is allowed.
  9. Not really. I guess I've been surrounded by suicidal people too much. If you know depression you recognise it in people. They really do not have to come and say it directly.
  10. I'm different when it comes to this. I believe in euthanasia. And when a person kills themselves it's not a sad thing in my eyes. They got what they wanted and needed. I guess it's different if the person is psychotic and kills themselves but that's just unfortunate and unplanned. Bascally like an accident. For example when my grandma died I was not mourning, not feeling sad one bit. I knew it was a relief for her. And that was before I had been suicidal myself. I saw what state she was in when she was alive. That's no way to live. And another thing than pisses me off about this, to stay on topic, is that people only take you seriously once you've made up your mind to kill yourself or when you've already killed yourself. People only notice then. Before all this, no one gives a crap. So it's just two faced crap for me. Being suicidal myself has taught me to be in present with my people. Value them when they're still here, while I'm still here cause you do not know what can happen. Also, not tying to be rude, but how do you not notice when you've known a person for 30+ years that they're suicidal? Especially when they're your best friend? There was a turn sometime. No one is suicidal for 30+ years straight. Even if they're all smiles and whatnot. I'm not trying to guilt trip but maybe you can remember the signs and rationalize them for yourself? If they didn't come to ask for help directly or indirectly there's not much you could have done. One's feelings can be so messed up they don't even understand them themselves so it's hard to ask for help or even realize you need help.
  11. Must be a US thing. Only insecure women get mad at shit like this. Secure women don't even think about asking if their asses look big in something. They just wear stuff they want/like.
  12. That says it all. Just hear them and understand them. Supporting them doesn't mean finding the easiest way for them to off themselves. And sorry, @MrEsturk, but going through suicidal periods is much harder for the sufferer. You do not wake up one day froma happy life and decide to kill yourself. It's a horrible place to be in. Psych hospital is a good place. They'll put you on meds that will stabilize your body physiologically and you're constantly under supervision. Although, having been through that myself as well, that's not really making one feel any better but I guess it depends on the situation and the reason why someone's suicidal. Things can get better but they can also stay the same or get worse. And there is no way someone who is actually suicidal will be alive long. If shit is that bad, it's bad. Also not once did anyone in the hospital, docs, therapists or nurses say "you've got so much to live for", "life is amazing". They take shit as is and it makes things a little better. So there's no way of telling what to do or say cause the reasons for suicidal thoughts/feelings are different but denying them is the worst.
  13. Healthy and happy people "giving advice" to suicidal people. They can all go fuck themselves. Like, when you're suicidal you actually want to die. The fucking happy people's idea of life goals and other bullshit is irrelevant. If the suicidal person wants to die they should be able to and should be supported in feeling that way. All people do when someone says they want to die or kill themselves is categorically disagree with it. Like, bitch! This is a valid feeling, want and need. And the part that pisses me off most if when they start yapping about other people and that suicidal people will leave others "hurt" and how they're being "selfish". Yea totally not selfish or guilt tripping when one is demanded to suffer to make others happy. Fucking cunts, it's not like the "hurt" people can live the suicidal's life for them! And then they keep saying how you'll miss fucking weddings and births and other bullshit. Like, if I'm suicidal and alive doesn't mean I won't miss them. When I'm already at the place where I wanna die nothing will change my mind and I sure as fuck do not give any shits about any weddings and births cause I'm out here a fucking zombie, a shell. It's so annoying to see people not accepting suicidal thoughts and start fighting it and guilt tripping you and making you feel worse cause you DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND SHIT ABOUT WHAT I'M FEELING SO SHUT YOUR DAMN FACE ABOUT WEDDINGS CAUSE I WILL NEVER CARE!!!!! Fuck! I'm not suicidal now but I've been, for real, and if you're healthy minded you will never get if you haven't been there yourself. I seriously would not regret it now if I had killed myself years ago. the suffering was just not worth it. Not complaining about my life right now but being alive is not the same as living. Brain dead people are alive too. Do they give a shit about births and weddings!? No! And the best thing you can always do is just fucking accept the situation and you feelings too. But people will always try to change your feelings when yuo're suicidal and start talking about shit that does not matter to the person when they only have one thing in their mind - deathly release. And this idiotic delusional "optimism" can go fuck itself too. Suicide IS a valid way of dealing with things. It IS a completely final stop to suffering. Not saying at all that it has to be the first thing you do with every problem you face but if everything else has been tried... nobody has to suffer. Especially for anyone else who guilt trips them and is selfish and demands the suicidal person to suffer for them without being able to live life.
  14. TheWhite

    What you have now temperature at home ?

    Ah yes. We get the same degrees outside and the other night it was 25C out and it felt so cold. Weird. Your body gets so used to the crazy heat that when it's normal temperatures otuside it feels super cold.
  15. TheWhite

    What you have now temperature at home ?

    Most days it's 30C and plus (86F), but right now it's around 12am so it's cooler, 28 C (82,4F) lol For some reason the air does not move in my room and it collects all the heat. I never get direct sunshine but the sun is on my side of the house during noon time so...