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    Building 59, apartment 25
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    *science-y stuff - biology, medicine, nature, except forestry. Fuck trees! :D Worked at two arboretums and it was the most boring drag ever! Plus hate forest work at my mum's. The humidity, ticks, physically strenuous work, the hard/sharp wood cutting and scratching you - horrible!


    *cooking, sometimes. I love food, always! Can't wait to get an oven for my next birthday. I'm gonna cook the crap out of it!

    *something creative. Creating things with hands
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    I like veg. Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli are my faves. I know most people don't like them but meh.

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    banned cause of a bitch celeb with double standards lol I'm not deleting my tweet so she can go fuck herself :) My life will not end cause I can't use Twitter. But that bitch is beyond stupid :D Not cause I got banned but for her double standards

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  1. TheWhite

    Get Famous Expansion Pack Coming November

    what's wrong with goal oriented gameplay? It's my bread and butter. The only way the game is interesting. Not sure about the fame theme but whatever. I'm happy.
  2. TheWhite

    are females in anime Lesbians

    What the fuck is even going on there? Who has no titties, only areolas? Looks fake. Would like to add, there is no one single hole where the milk or whatever comes out on a human nipple.It's several little ones so it makes the pics all the more fake.
  3. TheWhite

    Random chat

    Is this allowed? How about having a thread where people can talk about whatever but they don't necessarily wanna open a thread? Talk about their day? Ask quick little questions? just express any kind of emotion or bring up any random topic they wanna air their thoughts on but don't feel like it deserves it's own thread?
  4. TheWhite

    WickedWhims - 31 August 2018

    @TURBODRIVER will the new update in the game, the python thingy, make updating the mod take forever or it won't affect it that much? Then I'll know when to take a break from gaming lol.
  5. Nice, thanks. Can you break the addiciton too? I just don't want a too serious game is all.
  6. Can you get addicted with this mod too? Is it basically the same as with the drug mod, just it's only alcohol?
  7. TheWhite

    WickedWhims - 31 August 2018

    Um he said he was thinking about it. lol I don't care too much about the hard penis, just the soft state. The default is too big for my liking, sticks out too much. But it's the only penis that looks perfect with the Luumia body hair.
  8. is it possible to just have the alcohol in the game with this mod?
  9. TheWhite

    WickedWhims - 31 August 2018

    hey @TURBODRIVER are the new penises coming too anytime soon?
  10. TheWhite

    You Know You're Bored When...

    ...when you watch tv.
  11. TheWhite

    Kind of Food That You Are Craving ATM

    Anything salty. Probably something like cheese onion flavoured Lay's crisps. Or that popped ghouda cheese. hahaha @nonusnomeni
  12. Um. Elliana Mathews. She is a ghost from generation 6? I think in my Sims 4 game. I'm on gen 13 now but I wanna bring Elliana back to life cause when she was alive I didn't use CC. Now I do and wanna see her as she has been one of my fave sims. I just have to resurrect her first. A townie gone right.
  13. TheWhite


    For some reason I just remembered a joke. I don't know or remember a lot of them but the ones I do remember make me laugh. So I thought I'd open a thread so pople could share their fave jokes. I'll share mine later on too.
  14. TheWhite

    Who can make a custom female sim?

    But how will you see the sim then if someone makes it for you?
  15. TheWhite

    What do you find most overrated in life? Why?

    Hm, going by what you posted... 1) I guess "moral values" when it comes to money. Money DOES buy everything when you have enough. Also you can have all the sense of self in the world, it won't make ends meet financially. I guess people who think money can't buy everything have never had a lot of money and people who think every kind of money is enough to get by have never really been in financial difficulties. To me it's really naive to think people choose the "morals" over money. That just isn't the case. Just look at the world. 2) I will always and forever know that humans are polyamorous so any kind marriage crap is stupid to me. marriage is such a dead context and people still do it. Unreasonable! 3) Big houses or just houses is somthing I agree with. A lot of people save money to buy a house and I don't think they know what owning a house entails. Like if you save enough money to buy a house, people think they're done. A house needs constant upgrade and maintenance. You still need a solid influx of money all your life if you own a house. Plus there's tons of housework. There is ALWAYS something that has to be done and you can't relax. I mean I'm too poor for a house anyway but even if I had the money I'd be too lazy but smart enough not to buy a house but an apartment. I'm not gonna clean the freaking house all day every day. And to me it's highly stupid to employ people to clean, cook, garden etc in your house. In that case the house is not your home, it's a business place. 4) I loathe the celebrity culture! Plus the social media. They're the same thing. I hate how people are so demonstratively exposing their lives like anyone cares. No one does cause they're out there exposing their own oown life and admiring themselves. I fucking hate the attention whoring. I hate the drama between celebs and social media people. I hate all the fakeness of social media and celebrity. Everything is so fucking beautified and masked. So demonstrative. Desperate for attention. Fuck! I wish all of this crap would die down already, it makes people incredibly stupid. 5) This ties in with the previous. Anything to do with SJW. I loathe the focus on sexuality, gender, race, "mental illnesses" etc. EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON.ON.THIS.PLANET. has a sexuality, gender and skin colour and health. All living things have those things, they are not special in any way. Why the fucking foucs and freak out over these things!? Also all that body positivity crap, read it as fat glorification. People think they're so fair and accepting that they start unaccepting any sense of reason, commons sense and people who do not agree with them on these subjects, like lgbt people saying if you're not anything but straight you're a homophobe etc. Political correctness goes under this too. It is just the most idiotic thing. And all this is not cause people have become more accepting and loving and caring, it's only cause people have become more entitled and wanna trump everyone else with exposing themselves and their ideas. If you disagree you're "a rude person who triggered them and it order to be a nice person you gotta agree with them". All of this is beyond idiotic! I will never be politically correct, because there's no need and those idiots make me wanna not be it.