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  1. Sure, just let me know if you'd like some ideas or help when you're getting around to modding stuff. And trust me, changing the loot given to you by curios is actually surprisingly easy. It's formatted a little weird but you can do just about anything you want with it without much difficulty. I know for my own playthrough I've got the idea of purposely limiting food provisions so that the girls are forced to find cum strewn about the dungeons via curios. If you find it too intimidating to try and change the curio loot tables then you can just have me bang out some changes for you so long as you know what you want. Regardless, good luck with your finals. I know I'm dreading mine coming up this Wednesday. (+50 stress)
  2. Xelsword's plague doctor is now live over at the nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/994 Also, another hot mod just hit the scene out of nowhere this morning: NSFW portraits! https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/993
  3. yooooo This StalinTheStallion guy is doing god's work Here's replacements for the fungal scratcher and artillery enemies https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/992?tab=description
  4. If you'd like some inspiration for replacing text in other parts of the game then feel free to message me. I've already replaced all the curio strings for my own overhaul and have changed some of the loot/outcomes to match what I wanted. I've also done a lot of text for other parts of the game and just love to come up with new ideas in general, so I'd be more than happy to collaborate, as stuff we'd come up with might also be good for my own mod too :^) Some examples of the stuff I did: If anyone else wants to know what I did for the other curios or would like to know how to change the curio loot-pool then feel free to ask. Otherwise, I guess I'll just attach the text changes here. Do with it as you guys please, just keep in mind that this was made for Pitch Black Dungeon, so there will be some lines of text that will not be relevant to a vanilla estate. Just be sure to not replace your vanilla text with this, just use it as part of a mod's localization changes and you should be A-OK. curios.string_table.xml
  5. A reminder to all of you to back up your mods somewhere else on your computer or flash drives. I just unintentionally deleted ALL 11 GB of my DD mods and projects without having any backup with the exception of my current WIP overhaul, and now I gotta scour the thread and workshops again in shame. Don't be like me, back up your shit and don't be an idiot.
  6. It was on page 46. Try using the search bar with the "this topic" option toggled next time for an easy search.
  7. A preview of what Jefuty is currently working on.
  8. Posting this before Sparkly can >:)
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/986 https://www.nexusmods.com/darkestdungeon/mods/987 Two awesome mods just popped up out of nowhere on the nexus. Replacements for the cultists and something that finally replaces the pelagic fish folk.
  10. The 5 dollar pledge is for if you want the mods as soon as they're complete. Xelsword gives his work out for free, but everyone who doesn't want to pledge/support him is asked to simply wait 2 weeks so his Patrons are actually getting some exclusivity treatment. It's a very reasonable thing, imo.
  11. Wait what? You of all people should know he never actually completed it, cause you literally edited together and posted a complete version of the harlot NSFW skin earlier in this thread's life (thank you very much btw).
  12. Oh man, I've seen these sorts of screens more than I care too. I'm getting stressed just looking at it. I'm not very good at reading these errors messages or what they all mean. My advice would be to reverse engineer the issue. Restore the original file and then make single changes at a time until you find what's causing it, then share that with us so we can tell you what's wrong (hopefully we know too )
  13. I like to think it goes without saying that we all appreciate your work, Dan! We're just either too shy to say thank you or we don't wanna bloat the thread with too much filler 😛 But on behalf of everyone else who downloaded and said nothing, thank you!
  14. Really liking the work so far, m8. Looking forward to all the finished products!
  15. Xelsword said the next character will be the Occultist Xelsword сказал, что следующий персонаж будет оккультист
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