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  1. Claim Of Skyrim : for HDT Physics CBBE Tyrande (nude) : for bodyslide preset physics CBBE CBBE Tyrande (nude).xml Copy/drop into Skyrim Data folder/CalienteTools/Bodyslide/Slider presets
  2. I don't think it works like that. With the "N" key, you can select one . you can use this Follow me for Sex SSE V3.7 3.7 You can also select more than two. You approach the NPC's, in the dialogue there will be a voice "Follow me for sex", you approach another NPC and you will have a dialogue "Follow us for sex". You can select how many can participate in an animation. When you have completed your selection, any one in the dialogue will have a voice like "Have sex", the answer if you have more than two participants will be to ask how many you want to have sex with. Choose the number (including you), and if you have animations, it will start after a few seconds. With key "H" , you can change the animation
  3. Requirements : PSQ + PSQ Transform Package Animated Dragon Wings AIO XPMSE with HDT Physics Mod in video : IHUD + all requirements Dark Soul HUD + all requirements A Matter of time [Dint999] : for KSHairdos HDT (Hairstyle Sky084) Kaw's claw : for nails Dem Ritual : for shoes Claim Of Skyrim : for HDT Physics Tyrande (nude) : for bodyslide preset physics Widget mod + all requirements Equipable horns Feathred wings Evelynn Agony's Embrance : for succubus voice transform
  4. Witchy Lace Bondage CBBE 1.0.0 Modeled in Bodyslide, it is possible to add / remove / modify the various parts For earrings Elvenia Armor
  5. The easiest way is: MCM / SexLab Setting / Times and striptease, lengthen the time of the final stage .
  6. Update my Blog with modify Flarestar Destruction Magic Flare . Destruction magic
  7. With my Brother Lisander68 , Modification of the Flarestar mod. Damage increase, color adjustment, spell variant during cast preparation, Magicka cost reduction. In game, requires Destruction Master level . It does not require specifics. In game, Additemmenu / Flare, read the book . If you liked it, and want the variant, just ask Original mod : Flare Star LE Before (Original) After(Modify)
  8. If it doesn't work, only two cases. 1) is badly installed. 2) There is no HDT This is an HDT, why a Custom preset? Having an SMP, in your Bodyslide / preset you had to put the SMP body, not your Custom BHUNP Advanced Body SE
  9. Look closely at the bottom of the page. There are several animations WickedWhims v158g - 23 September 2020
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