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  1. I am using the Jenifer body from the All in One Animated Pussy mod and the nipple piercings seems to be a bit off. They sit underneath the breast and not on the nipples. How can I move them up ? Or are they fixed into position?
  2. Fuzzy_Fox

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Because they are rather large to put here maybe? The author also has a paetron page if you don't trust the links in the text file. https://www.patreon.com/heroedeLeyenda
  3. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    That is odd seeing it still belongs to them. Oh well just an idea. I downloaded Hexagon from Daz 3D studios its free. Going to try and figure out how to make my first in game asset with it and a amulet of kings object shouldn't be too difficult. I might be some time though as I have never made anything like this before.
  4. Fuzzy_Fox

    The Sisterhood of Dibella (2016-06-21)

    I keep getting a bug where Fjortia becomes an initiate and she stays there and the quest doesn't progress anymore. I then get stuck in a loop of having sex with her she glows blue and I get the same message over and over saying "Trust Sister Senna " Which should unlock the next part of the quest and send me to gain the Act of Charity. This is on a new game play through as well with only yps immersive piercings being added to the temple. But I know its not this mod as I have managed to get to the book of love quest before with it installed. Its been nearly 30 in game days now without a quest update or status update from Senna or Fjorta along with countless donations collected and a few Marks added in. In fact they treat me like I have just joined the temple and think I don't belong there. Wearing the Amulet of Dibela, the Wreath as well doesn't help.
  5. Fuzzy_Fox

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    Would it be possible to import the mesh and textures from the game Oblivion? I still have that game or even find a retextured mod on the Nexus from that game? If it can let me know and I will load up Oblivion and see if I can extract it. On another note not sure if its intended but I always turn off the Bimbo part of the hormones mod. But each time my character changes into a woman I get the Forcibly Blond quest start and the Outcasts won't speak to me about it because I think its linked to the Bimbo quest which I have done in a earlier play through.
  6. Fuzzy_Fox

    Devious Lore 1.01

    No I removed Cursed Loot after I opened a couple of chests and ended up dressed in a rubber suit with no way to fight my way past the Draugur. Bound hands, couldn't see due to a blindfold in a game with enhanced darkness in dungeons so you need torches, nightsight or spells to see by. Totally forgot about Winterhold, thank you.
  7. Fuzzy_Fox

    Devious Lore 1.01

    How do I remove piercings? Playing PSQ mod at the moment with crime faction and auto transform turned on and its dangerous to talk any where near a town because at any moment my nipple gems could go off and shock me to full arousal and have every npc attacking me as I transform into a succubus. I know I can turn those options off in the MCM but prefer not to. Liking the quest driven content though finding it more fun than cursed loot.
  8. Pete meets up with a talking dog just outside of Falkreath who explains to him that he needs helps to reach his master. Bewildered Pete agrees to helping the mutt unsure of where this will take him, but the promise of power is just enough of a lure for him to agree with the hound. What the mangy mutt failed to explain to him was there was a coven of vampires inside this shrine where his master lives who also happens to be the deadric prince Clavicus Vile. The prince offers Pete untold power in return for a axe and the dog, Pete agrees and heads off to find the axe. On the way to the axes resting place Pete and Lydia stop off in a tavern within the walls of Falkreath, it is there that they meet with a strange fellow who goes by the name of Sam. He offers Pete a drinking game in exchange for a power magical staff. Pete agrees with this mad man and informs him he is going to loose this competition, with a grin Sam downs his first tankard. What a night Pete can't remember but it must of been one hell of a fun time as he wakes up in the temple of Dibela with the priestess shouting at him, saying something about blasphemy and being a lout. Something Pete agrees with her on is the blasphemy but a drunken lout is going a bit too far he thinks. He agrees to tidy up the temple for her. As Pete tidies up he turns on the charm onto Sister Senna and he asks her to show him some Dibelan arts. Not wanting to intrude further Pete leaves and makes his way over to Ustengrav for the Greybeards and to obtain this horn that they seem to like. Not sure what they want with a old horn but these crotchety old gits seem to know a bit about being dragonborn so Pete drags Lydia with him to the ancient burial site. CHEATED yet again from ultimate power someone has stolen Pete's horn and left a blasted note, with no time for delay Pete is in a rage and heads to Riverwood to confront this thief of his own ascension into greatness. Along the way Pete feels like they are being followed so he lays an ambush with Lydia. Creeping through the marshes of Morthal they come across a small band of Thalmor who are acting suspicious. Pete stands up and asks if he can help them at all, thinking he has nothing to hide from the Thalmor as he is not a Stormcloak and has left the Thalmor alone to get on with their duties. The leader of the group screams and starts to lob fireballs at Pete who quickly dodges to one side as he casts up Oakskin and LesserWard. Lydia charges into combat to protect her thane as Pete spies a dead Frost Spider and calls its spirit back from the beyond to attack his foes as he keeps up the ward against the fireballs. The battle rages on and is fierce slowly and surely the Thalmor starts to loose ground from Pete's onslaught of spells and summoned creatures with Lydia holding back two Thalmor soldiers. At the final moment the Thalmor sorcerer holds up her hands and asks for mercy. Pete looks down at her and with a sneer replies "Would you of shown me any?" then kills her with two ice spikes to the head. He searches the bodies and finds a note in one of their packs which reads. "Lydia make that three people and a whole nation that now wants to kill me." Pete screams in a rage as he throws the paper down onto the ground. "Lets go to Riverwood and find this thief." Once at Riverwood Pete rents the "attic room" from the landlady who informs him they don't have an attic room, with a sigh Pete lets her know they don't because there are no upper floors to the tavern. Delphine lets Pete stay in a small room just off to the side, and so Pete enters the room with Lydia and shuts the door. A few minuets latter there is a knock on the door and Lydia opens it to reveal the landlady stood at its threshold. "So you're the one the Greybeards think who is dragonborn." she says as way of a greeting. "Do you mind lady I am waiting for someone who stole something from me and left me a note." Pete replies. "I know that was me." Looking aghast at the audacity of the woman Pete clenches his fists and demands to know the reason as to why. Delphine explains to him in a secret cellar about the Blades and the fact that dragons are coming back to life. Pete's brain starts to turn dragons back to life...... that means power.... undead power....... "Okay what do you need me to do?" he asks Delphine. Head to Kynsgrove to check on an ancient dragon burial mound seems easy enough Pete thinks as the next morning Lydia and Pete head out of Riverwood. What could go wrong? "Great" was Pete's first thought as he spied the huge black dragon that laid to waste Helgen and now it was raising a dead dragon. What ever happened to easy? The big black dragon flew off but leaves behind a newly awakened dragon in its place after insulting Pete about his arrogance for taking the name of Dov. Pete mutters under his breath "I didn't give myself that name, other people did." Pete, Lydia and Delphine fight for their lives against this dragon who went by the name of Sahloknir. The fight was long and hard plenty of potions were consumed in the struggle as Pete shielded Lydia from the fiery breath of the monster as she took breathers when the dragon took flight with his ward spell. In the end the dragon fell from the skies too wounded to fly and its wings torn from magical ice spikes from Pete. "Beg for mercy creature." Pete says as he walks up to the wounded dragon "I demand answers." The dragon rears back its head for one final breath of fire as Pete lets fly two shards of ice from his hands, they strike true killing the Sahloknir. Now Pete has proven he is what the Greybeards says he is Delphine hands over the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to him and apologises to him, then explains she has been looking for someone like Pete for a very long time. Pete smooths down his robes and informs her that perfection only comes around once in a era or so, then asks Delphine for a threesome on the dragon mound with Lydia to remember this day by. Delphine slaps him in the face and walks off saying she will be in Riverwood looking for a way to find out what the Thalmor know about the dragons. Unswayed at the decline of his offer Pete makes his way back down the path only to find a strange lady stood outside of the inn of Kynsgrove. She says to Pete "You look weary traveller how about I help you relax?" Nodding his head covered in sweat from the exertion of the fight with the dragon Pete agrees with this strange woman as she offers him some "sexual healing". After they both climax Pete finds he is burning up on the inside with a fever he can't explain, as it runs out of control in his body he is transformed into a woman in a flash of light. He.... she turns around only to see the strange lady vanished as though she was never there. In a panic Pete... or whats left of Pete searches his groin trying to find what remains of his manhood. With a sigh it is still there but diminished. All is not lost and Dibella may be able to help him return. Back in Markarth the priestess is unsure of what to make of Pete's situation and says that "she" may find Dibella's blessing if she joins the temple and gathers donations. Lydia informs Pete that "she" can't go around with that name anymore because people are starting to give worrying glances at her. So Pete decides on the name of Margo and sets off to gather the donations for Dibella. "What in Oblivion is going on?" Margo thinks as people take advantage of her when gathering the donations, with each sexual act her penis is shrinking away to nothing and her curves are becoming more feminine. With a full sack of donations and exhausted from the attention she gained Margo now heads back to the temple to hand them in. Sister Senna asks if she could head to the inner sanctum and inform the Mother about the donations and is given a key to unlock the inner sanctum. Hoping that Mother Hammel can help "Pete" who is now Margo into reversing this curse she heads down into the bowels of the temple. Upset at the intrusion Mother Hammel demands Margo goes out and retrieves the next Sybil for the temple. Margo and Lydia decide to stay in the Silver Blood Inn and wait till morning before heading out and get drunk. Lydia tells Margo she doesn't mind that she is now a woman she is still her thane. During the night Margo has a strange dream but it seems to real to her, during the dream Sanguine shows himself to her and Lydia who takes great pleasure in them both. Not sure if it was real or not neither of Lydia nor Margo speak about the night they had the next morning and so set off for Karthwasten to find the Sybil. Upon arriving at the small mining community she finds out that the new Sybil is called Fjortia and has been kidnapped by the Forsaken. Being now a very angry necromancer called Margo the poorly armoured Forsaken tribe was no match for her fury as she stormed the ruined keep and killed every last one of them as she made her way to where the Sybil was being held. Inside the prison cell a Briarheart stood in her way with a dead Dibellan sister and a desecrated shrine of Dibela covered in blood. Margo summoned her hammer along with a Stoneflesh spell and ran head long at the briarheart her wards blocking the incoming magic attacks from the panic stricken briarheart. Her hammer struck him squarely on the head crushing his skull beneath the flimsy headdress he wore, searching the body Margo finds the key to release Fjortia. With the Sybil now inducted and a initiate of the temple Margo asks to be given Dibela's blessing in the hopes to remove this curse she and return her back to being a man. Nothing happens.... Silence..... no divine voice from Dibela..... but in the background she hears a chuckle from a male voice just on the edge of hearing "You're mine now pink cheeks. Now and forever." it says. Sensing her frustration the new Sybil tries to comfort Margo using her new teachings. Margo resigns herself to remaining as a woman and decides to help the Dibelan temple in its future as they seem to be understanding in her plight and wish to help. That night though Margo is once again whisked away to that strange dream of Sanguine who now informs her she is his pet. The feeling of lust mixed with raw power courses through her body and with each sexual act with Sanguine her mortal soul is corrupted further to the point of no redemption. Unsure of what she has become she asks Sanguine if she can leave and with a smile and a wave he sends her back to Tamriel saying she will be back in time as this is now her new home. Once back in Tamriel and unsure of what Sanguine meant she heads off to solve the puzzle about the missing wenches she had heard of. On her way to the location though her lust builds up tension in the back of her mind and her body explodes with raw sexual energy revealing her true nature. If you like what you have read so far leave me a comment, or if there is something you don't like then please let me know in a constructive post. Thank you for reading so far and I hope you have enjoyed the story so far.
  9. After a long and difficult fight the dragon that was attacking Whiterun now lay dead at Pete's feet, the surviving guards all cheering as they congratulated each other for a job well done. Pete smiles and gives a yell of victory but what comes out of his mouth is a language he has never heard before "Fus" the celebrations from the guards stop mid flow. They explain to him that was a shout from legends and that he could be Dragonborn. Irileth tells him he should head back to Whiterun and inform the jarl at once while they tidy the dead skeleton away from the road. And so Pete the intrepid Necromancer heads back to Whiterun relieved that he survived the encounter and silently vowing not to trust Jarl Balgrulf anymore after the man had obviously sent him to die. As he reached the gates to the city the ground shook as a thunderous shout echoed all across Skyrim that seemed to carry a voice upon it the words meaning are lost to Pete as it sounds like "Dovhakiin". He shrugs are enters the city once more to inform the jarl of the battle. Balgrulf tells Pete to head to the Greybeards that live in seclusion high up on the mountain known as the Throat of the World and that he maybe able to catch a carriage to Ivarstead which is a small village at the base of the mountain. He also assigns Lydia to him as his personal Housecarl and protector as well as calls him Thane of Whiterun. Pete asks the jarl what he can expect on the road up to the Greybeards and is told wolves and some goats. Pete smiles and thanks the jarl as he turns and leaves to meet up with Lydia. Seeing the beauty before him Pete lays on the charm only to rebuked by Lydia saying she isn't into sin, he eyes her lustfully but shrugs his shoulders and tells her they should get some better armour and weapons for her if she is to protect his legendary life. Wanting not to complain she agrees and so they head off to the blacksmith near the gates of Whiterun. At the gates of Whiterun Pete arranges with Adrianne Avenicci to help her with some supplies and in return she would outfit Lydia in her best armour, and so a trip to Darkwater Crossing is needed. Although Lydia complains that Pete is flirting with Adrianne the whole time he tells her she is a grown woman and knows its just for fun. Pete hires a carriage that would take them both to Riften with a quick stop to Darkwater Crossing first. Once there he meets up with Annekke Crag-Jumper who is longing for some adventure, Pete starts to talk with her and she mentions some bandits that maybe a problem to Darkwater if they are not dealt with. He assures her that they will be dealt with by his own hands, he also hands over Adrianne's letter about some supplies which she packages up and places on the carriage for Pete. While Lydia asks Pete to step to one side to have a quiet word with him. She tells him she is starting to like what she sees and wishes for more, not wanting to pass up this opportunity Pete grabs her by the hips pulls her close and kisses Lydia. This rouses Lydia the passion and warmth from Pete ignites a flame of passion inside of her as they wander off hand in hand to find a quiet spot to be together. Pete casts a magical light as they make love under the stars overlooking the steam marsh. Happy and fulfilled they both make their way back to the carriage and continue onto Riften then head to the Dawnguard fort to sign up to help with the growing vampire problem that seems to be plaguing Skyrim at the moment. Isran gives Pete a mission to Dimhollow Crypt to see what is going on, Pete smiles to himself thinking Vampires are undead which is what his speciality is as he starts to wonder what secrets they hold in summoning the dead. What ever they are he intends to steal them for himself to become more powerful. On the way back to Riften Lydia and Pete see a dragon flying around the peaks overlooking the city, Lydia explains it maybe a threat and that as the Dragonborn Pete is duty bound to take care of the problem. Pete tries to steer clear of the Dragon and by pass it as they make their way to Ivarstead, but he gets lost on his way as he picks the wrong mountain path which leads him directly to where the dragon has made its lair. Fighting for his life he and Lydia manages to slay the dragon and retrieve its hoard of 20 gold a staff of frostbite and a leather helmet, along with a dragon word that Pete writes down in his journal. Pete is starting to wonder if its worth the supplies in killing dragons as he looks at the messily hoard it had. With a sigh he and Lydia head back down the path and pick another one hopefully that leads to Ivarstead. After some time they reach the small village Pete hires a room for himself and Lydia as she organises with the landlord some food and drinks for them both which costs 20 gold, plus the 10 gold for the room. Looking into the nearly empty coin purse Pete hands over the leather helmet as well as part of the trade with a sigh. A man called Klimmek starts to complain in the tavern about his knees and that he has to make his way up the seven thousand steps to the Greybeards tomorrow, sensing some coin to be made Pete says he is heading that way and that he could take them for him. Klimmek always one to shirk off his duty agrees and hands the supplies to Pete saying there will be some gold to be made if he did. Pete asks Klimmek what kind of threats one could face on the way up the mountain, Klimmek tells him all he needs to worry about are some wolves that maybe on the path. Pete winks at Lydia and says "Easy money." Wolves are not a problem Pete thinks as they both slay a small pack on their way up the mountain the next morning, this is going to be a doddle. Latter on he is cursing Klimmek and Balgrulf all the names he can think of and some new ones as he is chased around a small narrow path by a snowy sabertooth cat. Lydia is yelling to stand still so she can shoot it, but Pete ignores her crazy yells as he screams like someone possessed casting flame magic at the creature. Eventually and with some scars they defeat the wild beast and continue their journey up the path. Pete is starting to think that the people of Skyrim may not like him as they keep sending him to his death or try to. A troll..... no one mentioned a sodding troll on the path. Lydia take care of it while I run to the monastery ahead. That does it Pete thinks Balgrulf is trying to kill me as he runs ahead to the Greybeards. Lydia manages to catch up with him and gives him a reprimanding look as she heads off to get some refreshments while Pete listens to the Greybeards and their knowledge on dragon shouts and power. They give him a task to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller after teaching some new words and opening up the meaning of them so he can use them as and when needed. Happy with this now completed task Pete hands over the supplies Klimmek had given him, and with Lydia in tow head back down to Ivarstead village. Pete tells Klimmek about the troll and how he had to kill the creature while Lydia stands a gasp at his audacity in taking the credit for the fight. Klimmek apologises and hands over 100 gold septims for his trouble. "humm delivery of items carries more gold that slaying dragons." Pete thinks "no wonder there are so many blasted couriers in Skyrim." Outside of the Inn Pete and Lydia are faced with two strange people dressed in garb of the dunmer, both wearing a metal mask that is held in place by tentacles that reach round to the back of the heads. They tell Pete he is a false Dragonborn and then try to kill him. Pete and Lydia make short work of the two nutters and find a note on one of them. Pete says "There are now three people in Skyrim that want me dead." Lydia asks "Who are the other two?" "Klimmek and Jarl Balgrulf." replies Pete.
  10. Fuzzy_Fox

    The Sisterhood of Dibella (2016-06-21)

    I started this quest again due to a new game and for the first time saw the Sybil bound. Problem was her outfit never changed from being just rags though.
  11. Not sure if its this mod, but when I get slave tats I can't remove them via the mcm anymore. Does this mod control slave tats like that or is it just make up tats?
  12. Fuzzy_Fox

    Devious Lore 1.01

    This mod looks interesting. The loot you find does it equip it to your character automatically like other devious mod or does the player have a choice as to put them on? Or is it based on arousal?
  13. Fuzzy_Fox

    Soulgem Oven III

    You may have to manually turn on the body morph options in the SGO radial menu under the lesser powers tab.
  14. Personally I would like to see the authors vision for their mods be realised and finished before they move onto SSE. So many mods have been left to rot as the author moves onto Skyrim SE without finishing off their original work. If you look around there are guides on how to convert LE mods over to SSE.
  15. I like the new sound. Going to give it a try in my game and see how it fits.