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  1. 1. can you port this for SkyrimSE 2. can you take over and update Slaverun LE/SE since the author is gone and hasn't updated it? Either that or make a patch for it.
  2. pretty sure it is. try installing it and see if mcm for cf appears
  3. Will op ever update this again? All it needs is to fix a few bugs that break progression.
  4. Would it be at all possible from an experienced modder to somehow make the game single player and then the rest of the community start feeling it with mods? I guess it would be more like cracking the game but still, would it be possible?
  5. ok, I downloaded your dummy .bsa file, put it on the data folder and changed the sArchiveList line and now I CTD on launch. Tried uninstalling all mods and still CTD on launch. Edit: uninstalled everything and started all over again. Tried the dummy bsa method, no more CTDs but body textures are still vanilla EDIT 2!!!: Finally got it working! After a quadrillion trial and errors, i installed TESModManager (still installed my mods through Vortex, only used tesmm for archive invalidation), clicked on Utilities, Archive Invalidation and then on the Universal method. That
  6. Nude body textures don't appear in-game even though the mod's textures have replaced the original textures I am using the GOG version of Oblivion (yes with the GOG specific version of OBSE), though I doubt that may have anything to do with it. I am using Vortex as the mod manager, and yes I know it's not recommended to use anything but wrye bash or whatever which is why I downloaded every mod manually, repackaged it to go directly where it's supposed to go and installed it through Vortex. While other retextures appear correctly, nude bodies don't. Also during sex scenes,
  7. There are still a lot of bugs, when can we expect an update?
  8. Aren’t animations called by tags? Aren’t there any vampire feeding tags? Or atleast play the vanilla vampire feeding animation?
  9. After taking the job to be the vampire's blood feeding human for the day, taking to the vampire and starting the animation, the animation that plays is "FunnyBizz Molag Miss" or something like that which doesn't make sense. Is it supposed to play that animation? It really doesn't fit...
  10. I’m looking for a comprehensive guide to install Sexout and TTW to work together.
  11. i found the console command for the hairstyle, what about changing outfits?
  12. It's probably been asked and answered many times but can someone tell me how to change her hairstyle and outfit?
  13. Well the thing is almost everyone uses cbbese on SE. So you are letting down alot of people.
  14. I second that, great ideas! Also, please add support for cbbe-se. It's far superior to shity unp.
  15. i don't understand, the OP has vanished.. ok.. but why does no one else make this idea? I mean there are surely way better and more experienced active moders, why does none of them continue this mod idea?
  16. You were supposed to get SE for free if you owned the original skyrim and its dlcs on steam. The skse for SE has come out of alpha and is now on a very stable beta build.
  17. Just delete the skse64.dll and .ini from racemenu on the data directory once you make your character and you are good to go, you won't need to use racemenu again once you made your character. Those two files are what causes the CTD. Obviously whoever made the racemenu patch for sse has NO IDEA how to code properly.
  18. Tried to install the old version of xp32 but nothing. I started deactivating mods one by one and traced the problem down to racemenu. Perhaps I did the conversion incorrectly? Deactivating racemenu fixes the problem of CTD after loading the save, however now every character is stuck on t-pose. Can you give me your conversion of racemenu to test it?
  19. I have started 3 new games so far, I make my character, I do a few quests, I save, close the game, open the game again load the save and then I just CTD. Why that is is beyond me. Please help me. I will attach my papyrus log. I am on Special Edition btw and using Live Another Life and the last line on the log is about the Unofficial Skyrim patch but for some reason it lists it as USLEP instead of USSEP. What's going on here? Papyrus.0.log
  20. What are the best (adult) Live Another Life plugins/mods that work for Skyrim Special Edition? Which "big" mods for SE have Alternative Start scenarios? Oldrim has quite a lot but I can't find any for SE
  21. Is there a mod similar to Untamed for SE? The author seems to have abandoned the mod and there's no SE conversion.
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