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  1. Nude skin 2B for DOALR5

    It does, but I don't think it has the file association by default. I had to manually right click a .DDS and associate it with the paintnet.exe file. You know, the whole "Open with" "Choose Default Program" shtick.
  2. Nude skin 2B for DOALR5

    It can be done, but not without modifying meshes. Which I don't know how to do, and I guessed Mcdyn didn't know either. To get it to look right by modding Huchi's .tmc, you'd have to edit the mesh of the neck AND recolor the entire body texture to fit 2B's skin tone. Which is enough effort that the question "shouldn't I just be making my own mod from scratch" becomes relevant. +It's free +It's only 56 MB +It uses less processing power +It's a little easier to use -It has less features -You can't use its project files in any other program -No Mac version I recommend it.
  3. Nude skin 2B for DOALR5

    The short answer to your question is "no". I actually played around with that mod earlier. Huchi based that mod off of his 2B model, not the in-game model of any character. The neck is SUPER thin. Thinner than any of the hundred or so mods I tested for neck thickness. Getting that neck to fit any other body is impossible without programming meshes, which is what it looks like that guy on Youtube did. Took HLOD and lengthened the neck straight up like a Lego minifigure. The mismatched skin tone and imperfect connections would be a bit more obvious in gameplay; you'd be having the same problem, just to a lesser extent even if you had the mod he had. You could theoretically make her at least bottomless with enough effort. Giving her a light cameltoe, though, would be a five minute photoshop job. And I needed a warmup, and I had the files left over on my computer, so I went ahead and did that. Ain't I a fucking saint. http://www.mediafire.com/file/een9n60y7nmfg1i/2B_Cameltoe_Edit.rar https://mega.nz/#!DYVShTAY!ON3xJrxzbx2IuyUJQQgOvxIZLCEYbDc-5foxG_rUg1c Don't expect me to spoonfeed twice. Here's the programs I used to do it: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/64357-lr-photo-studio/ https://www.getpaint.net/ And both are free, so if you liked it, download 'em and learn how to use 'em.
  4. Hello Everyone 。。。。

    Sometimes reading the posts on this website reminds me of talking to the aliens in Star Control 2.
  5. Hitomi

    I'd be happy to. Proper nouns are always capitalized. If a person is named Bob, it is always written "Bob", not "bob". Same for a city named Paris, a day named Wednesday, a company named Namco, or a language named English. Names are always capitalized. This is true even for nicknames. If your friend Chad is nicknamed "Big Chaderino", you would capitalize both words. If you refer to your father as "Dad", you would capitalize the word "dad" when calling him by that name, but only then. Additionally, the personal pronoun "I" is always capitalized due to a rule unique to that word alone. Example Sentence: "Hey Dad, I wanted to tell you that I think you're cooler than all the other dads in England." Some words that refer to one object are plural. For example, "glasses", "pants", "underwear" and "jeans". All four of these words are considered to refer to two objects although they actually only refer to one. So you would refer to these as being a "pair of glasses", a "pair of jeans", etc. So you might say "a high waist jeans mod" or "a pair of high waist jeans", but not "a high waist jeans". In general, try using commas. It makes your English much more pleasant. Which of these sentences do you prefer to read? If you care enough about a mod to never give up never give in climb any mountain swim any sea until you've made it if you care that much it doesn't matter how little skill experience or talent you have. If you care enough about a mod to never give up, never give in, climb any mountain, swim any sea, until you've made it, if you care that much, it doesn't matter how little skill, experience, or talent you have. The rules for using commas can be somewhat complicated. For now, try using commas wherever you would pause if you were to read the sentence aloud. Once you have some practice, you can study the specific rules online. Here's a link to a pretty good online grammar textbook that's both free and ad-free: https://papyr.com/hypertextbooks/grammar/ If you studied that and did everything it told you, you'd be better at grammar than 99% of Americans. I'm bilingual myself, so I understand how difficult learning a language can be. As with everything else in life, it all depends on how hard you work toward it. To the extent that you are willing to help yourself, I am happy to help you.
  6. Pole Dance - AutoLink 3.10 Update

    Scroll up until you see blue text.
  7. Widowmakers Pussy Slapped (again)

    I'm getting about 1fps on that gif. It kinda looks more like a slideshow than a movie.
  8. Pole Dance - AutoLink 3.10 Update

    Big thanks, Priss. I'd been missing the third file for a long time without knowing it.
  9. Additional files for Autolink

    http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/311730/ This game doesn't require a particular "mod order" like Skyrim does. You should just be able to put all of your files into your "Autolink" folder in your install destination.
  10. Hitomi

    I believe in you, Ghoulam. You've got a lot of heart. Look at how far you've come in just two days. In your first post, you were making spelling and grammatical errors, but now you're just making grammatical errors. This tells me something. It tells me that you've got potential. You can go the distance. You could become the best DOA5LR modder the world has ever seen. Modding, like all art, is really about how much you care. If you care enough about a mod to never give up, never give in, climb any mountain, swim any sea, until you've made it, if you care that much, it doesn't matter how little skill, experience, or talent you have. Having gotten to know you this past week, I can tell that you really care about this high waist mod. I can feel your cup running over with ecstasy at the mere thought of seeing Hitomi in a slightly different cut of jeans. A year from today, you'll look back at this thread as the moment that catalyzed you into walking the path of a man who stands tall on his own two feet, and discovering your true raison d'etre. When you think about it like that, it would be almost cruel if I or anyone else was to make a high waist jeans Hitomi mod for you. Our pitiful efforts could never live up to the crystal clear vision that exists in your mind, waiting, straining to burst out onto a .DDS file. No, Ghoulam, I can feel that this is the moment; the crucial first step that leads you on a path to your destiny. Go, my child. Go, and become a man. "Be brave enough, and ask no permission. It's your life; it's your future." -Billy Herrington
  11. Baidu is a very large website with many functions, and is pretty much the Chinese version of Google. One function they have that Google does not is a Mega-esque file sharing service. You may have already seen Baidu links around the web, even on this very forum. However, Baidu requires an account to download anything from their site. This guide will teach you how to set up your very own Baidu account as a non-Chinese citizen, and how to download files from the website, with no knowledge of the Chinese language necessary. If all goes well, it will take you about ten minutes. If you have any problems with my tutorial, you can check out this one; it's where I got my information from. https://www.freeflour.com/how-to-create-pan-baidu-com-account-download/ You begin by going to this URL: https://passport.baidu.com/v2/?reg&u=http://pan.baidu.com®Type=1&tpl=netdisk&overseas=1 This is the sign-up page for foreign Baidu accounts. You might be thinking that Baidu doesn't allow foreigners to sign up, and you'd be right. They used to, but don't anymore. But they seem to have forgotten to remove the sign-up page, and that's how you get in. There's four boxes you'll need to fill out. Some of them will be familiar if you've signed up to a lot of websites. 1. The first asks for your country's dialing code and a cell phone number. (It does have to be a cell phone, they're going to text you a confirmation code.) If you don't know your country's dialing code, here's a list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_country_calling_codes If you're American or Canadian, the code will be +1. 2. The second box asks for a username between 7 and 14 characters. 3. The third box asks for a password between 6 and 14 characters. They won't take the password if they think it's too easy to guess, like many other websites. 4. The fourth box begins with a captcha, and ends with you getting a text and having sixty seconds to input the result. Begin by clicking on the gray button to the right. If the captcha is too hard, you can get another by clicking on the blue text to the right. Click the blue button when you have it correct. Be careful, because as soon as you do you'll only have sixty seconds to complete the rest of the form. You will receive a text message with a six digit code. Type that code into the fourth box. 5. Click the check box, which I assume asks you if you've read the terms and conditions. Then just click on the big blue button! You now have a Baidu account, and should be logged in automatically. If you aren't, when you're prompted with two empty text boxes, type in either your username or phone number into the first box and your password into the second. To download a file from Baidu, begin by opening the link. Baidu is a rather slow website with lots of downtime, so if it doesn't open, try again in a few minutes. If it still doesn't work, try opening it in another web browser. I've had problems in Maxthon and IE but it works much better in Chrome. You will most likely be met with a text box asking for a password. You should have been given one by whoever gave you the link to the file; Copy and Paste the password into the box and click the blue button. You will be met with a screen with a lot of buttons. Some of them download junk software, so make sure that the only button you click is the white button with a arrow pointing down on it. You may then be asked to solve another captcha. When you get it right, press the blue button. Your file might start downloading. If it doesn't it's probably because you're about to get a pop-up asking you if you want to download the file quickly (blue button) or slowly (grey button). As is usually the case with these sites, you want to press the slow grey button. (The blue button downloads junk software.) And that's all you need to know to download from Baidu! The orient's treasure trove of rare files is now yours to wield as you wish. If you have any problems or would like to add your own information, feel free to tell me in this thread. Be aware that all "please download this file for me" requests will be ignored.
  12. 【Course】火焰流光教程

    You make a good point. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93378-how-to-sign-up-to-and-download-files-from-baidu-a-guide-for-non-chinese-people/
  13. Hitomi

    Here's a link to a mod that's almost exactly what you asked for: https://repinscourge.deviantart.com/art/DOA5LR-Mod-Hitomi-DOAD-DOA4-686175420 Here's a link to a really good website for finding DOA mods without begging: https://www.google.com/ Here's a link to a program that will let you make them yourself with only a few clicks: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/64357-lr-photo-studio/ Have a nice day.
  14. Dead or alive wicked whims

    The short answer to your question is "no". If you want a program that will allow you to watch the DOA girls have sex, your best option is Honey Select. Here's a guy who's made character models for most of the DOA girls for Honey Select: https://roy12mods.com/wp/category/hs/ If you don't like his work, here's another 200 such DOA character mods: http://illusioncards.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=dead_or_alive+honey_select
  15. Bimbo Mai Mod Release

    I remember when I got KOFXIII, and after hours of grinding out attempts, I finally scrubbed my way through Blood Spiraling Into Insanity Ash with my favorite team, Mai-King-Athena. (Protip: EX Kachousen (fan) destroys all projectiles and soft knockdowns.) The first thing I did was head to color select. I had put in so many attempts that I'd unlocked every color. I could make Mai look however I wanted. So I dyed her hair blonde, and her clothes pink. "Bimbofication", as it's known on the "scene" gets a bad rap. A lot of the time, words like "degredationism" and "objectification" get thrown around, but I don't feel either of them is accurate. At least to me, Bimbofication is a lot closer to The Gift of the Magi than Flowers for Algernon. Love is a selfish emotion; it's goal nothing less than complete monopolization, and unchecked it can drive a person to do horrible things. So we must and do limit ourselves, suppressing our dark desires of absolute control. That is why it is so special when the subject of our passions in return loves and trusts us so much that they lay their mind, body and soul at our feet, submitting to us completely for the sake of our happiness. I find a person changing their hair or face for their beloved every bit as romantic as them changing their last name. That said, I understand that I'm in the minority on this issue, so with this mod I've attempted to find a happy medium between "personal barbie doll" and "braindead street whore" that I hope will leave everyone satisfied. My wish is that this mod gives you the electrifying sensation of having the powerful and beautiful kunoichi Mai kneeling at your feet, her every inch begging for your domination. The download below contains: ONE (1) heavily modified .FACE, with impossibly glossy pink lipstick, mystical, yet slutty pink eyeshadow, more than a hint of pink blush, a pair of stunning blue eyes (whether they are the work of contact lenses or some kind of transformation, I leave to your personal discretion) and eyebrows as sculptured as Galatea herself. ONE (1) extensively altered style of .HAIR, blonde of course, and platinum at that, dyed hot pink in no less than seven locations. And while the most fun is to be had with putting that intricate bimbo look into whatever outfit (or lack thereof) strikes your personal fancy (simply copy the .FACE.tmc, .FACE.TMCL, .HAIR.tmc and .HAIR.TMCL, and rename all four to have the same filename as the costume's .tmc), I have taken the liberty of providing you with a pair of outfits to start you out: ONE (1) skimpy, skintight, suggestive pink and white race girl outfit! It's practical enough for fighting and sexy enough for any personal use. While Mai's deep, deep cleavage and barely contained ass are likely to distract, do take note of her hot pink painted finger and toenails, the latter of which are peeking out from 4-inch stiletto heels! ONE (1) slutty, scandalous, street-illegal pink and lavender alioth bikini! Leaving the bare minimum to your imagination, this outfit will likely see more action in the movie theater than arcade mode, unless you've mastered the art of one-handed fighting. Of course, this "outfit" also has pink fingernails and toenails as well! Here are the links, Mediafire and Mega, as well as magnet if you're the torrenting type. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6059bc1pd3amip8/Bimbo+Mai.rar https://mega.nz/#!jdFy1YBT!Q8Zyy-LK32AT0hZYamt48UNA7z0Smh7uqeGYd6OlUn0 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:7C735CDBEEE02FEF7FC2BC79AD51BBFD8640BBF4&dn=Bimbo%20Mai.rar&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.publicbt.com%3a80%2fannounce CREDITS I'm standing on the shoulders of giants here, specifically these: -Merci KasumiLovesmods, who's Alioth and Racing models I recolored! https://kasumilovesmods.deviantart.com/ -고맙습니다 huchi001, who's face I edited! https://huchi001.deviantart.com/ -Gracias mralexmods and thanks bbbSFXT, who made the hair I edited! http://w11.zetaboards.com/SFxT_Mods/profile/4160868/ https://bbbsfxt.deviantart.com/ -And thanks to you, who read the credits! How nice of you!