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  1. I have made better mods than this, and he's not wrong. I don't know if it was the mod or the game's original model, and I'm inclined to believe the latter, but Captain Marvel looks horrid. Her face looks like Emma Watson after a meth addiction. Her torso looks like a professional wrestler's (a male one) and her arms look like pipe cleaners with cheap silicone implants. Her breasts are so far apart from each other it would take an industrial vice to give her cleavage. Her thighs and legs look less like something you'd see in playboy and more like something you'd see in a slaughterhouse. An
  2. You may or may not have thought of this already, but have you considered searching "audiobook" on Youtube? Most famous works of English literature have been recorded for free, and finding female readers isn't hard either. For someone of your skill level, might I recommend the works of Roald Dahl? Matilda is a personal favorite of mine.
  3. The default is a little over 31 screenshots per second. If you go into the settings, you can get it to as many as 1000 screenshots per second, although with my (poor) hardware I could only actually do about 200. According to this thread: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/81171-fps-in-doa5lr/ DOA5LR is 60fps, so this program should be able to take a screenshot of every single frame of the game if you want. (Although the screenshots are over a MB each, so you would eat up a GB of hard drive space every 13 seconds.) One neat thing it can do that I discovered in my test
  4. At the very least, I made Bimbo Mai without Blender. You only need Blender if you want to create a new 3D object. DOA5 has been out for a while, and as you can tell from this website alone, a lot of mods have been made for it. There's good odds that you can make close to anything just by taking parts from already existing mods and combining them. It'll take a little creativity and a lot of photoshopping, but you can do it. With LR Photo Studio, mixing and matching mods is shockingly easy. For any kind of mod that only affects textures (like changing the color of anything, adding a ta
  5. I found this and thought of you guys: http://spritedatabase.net/download It's a program called ScreenGet that takes screenshots of open windows automatically. No Shift+PrintScrn, no copying and pasting, no waiting for the right moment. Just hit the record button and click on the game window. The only downside as far as I can see is that it produces like 20 MBs worth of pngs a second, so be careful using it if your hard drive is full to bursting with every visual novel you can shove in it (like me).
  6. I started modding two months ago. However, I have ten or so years of experience with art and my specialty is editing, so I imagine I have a leg up over most people. Generally speaking making mods, or any art for that matter is like holding a brick and bashing it against your skull until one of them breaks. Which sounds painful, and I won't sugarcoat it, it is, but no matter how soft the skull or hard the brick, you will eventually succeed if you keep trying. There are limited number of wrong ways to draw a picture, and with perseverance you can exhaust that pool, regardless of talent
  7. Well, of course it will vary from texture to texture, but to give you an example, here's where they are on the Bimbo Mai mod. This mod actually has three different eyelash sections, as you can kinda see in the image. The highlighted section, which sticks out, the lower eyelash, and a third texture that is "tattooed" straight onto the face. (Warning: creepy) Not all FACE.TMCs will necessarily have all three sections. Bimbo Mai isn't based on the game's default FACE.TMC; the relevant link is in the first post if you're interested. If you can't figure out what part
  8. I'm going to be brutally honest: the art is bad. Dead or Alive 1 had better character models, and that was for the PSX. I was in a crib when that game came out. And if I threw the disc in today I'd probably have an easier time masturbating to it than your game. Standards have increased since 1996, and in a world where Dead or Alive 5 is free on PSN, it's difficult to imagine your game competing for anyone's attention with the current art quality. I'm not telling you this to crush your dreams, I just want you to take this criticism to heart, and put focus on the art quality from
  9. If you have no experience at photoshopping it will probably take you longer, and if you have no experience in art whatsoever it could take you much longer, but fundamentally all you have to do is do a Google image search for "bimbo makeup", copy the texture, paste the texture one layer up, select the recolor tool, select your color, set hardness to 0%, recolor the entire texture, select the eraser, and drag your mouse over the areas that don't have make-up in the image you googled. The bigger your brush size, the softer the edge you'll get, so use big brushes for eyeshadow and small ones for l
  10. Try EMIT, it's a Japanese visual novel written in English designed to teach Japanese students English. Fully voiced.
  11. Feel free to make it if you want to, I'm not planning on doing it. The whole appeal to me of turning a character into a bimbo is that there's a "gap", you know, some contrast, between the before and the after. Mai is an powerful kunoichi, a member of a thousand year-old ninja clan who has saved the world on numerous occasions. Having her roleplay as my personal ditzy slut is electrifying because of how big a change it is. On the other hand, Honoka is to all appearances a normal schoolgirl. I don't think she's stupid, but she already acts in such a perky, positive and sunshiny way tha
  12. It does, but I don't think it has the file association by default. I had to manually right click a .DDS and associate it with the paintnet.exe file. You know, the whole "Open with" "Choose Default Program" shtick.
  13. It can be done, but not without modifying meshes. Which I don't know how to do, and I guessed Mcdyn didn't know either. To get it to look right by modding Huchi's .tmc, you'd have to edit the mesh of the neck AND recolor the entire body texture to fit 2B's skin tone. Which is enough effort that the question "shouldn't I just be making my own mod from scratch" becomes relevant. +It's free +It's only 56 MB +It uses less processing power +It's a little easier to use -It has less features -You can't use its project files in any other program -No Ma
  14. The short answer to your question is "no". I actually played around with that mod earlier. Huchi based that mod off of his 2B model, not the in-game model of any character. The neck is SUPER thin. Thinner than any of the hundred or so mods I tested for neck thickness. Getting that neck to fit any other body is impossible without programming meshes, which is what it looks like that guy on Youtube did. Took HLOD and lengthened the neck straight up like a Lego minifigure. The mismatched skin tone and imperfect connections would be a bit more obvious in gameplay; you'd be having t
  15. Sometimes reading the posts on this website reminds me of talking to the aliens in Star Control 2.
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