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  1. same thing happen to me received the same warning on a few pages I was using DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox "CloudFlare DNS" i agree poplan CloudFlare is having issues.
  2. Bijin AIO is the merged esp of Bijin Warmaidens, Wives and NPCs replacers compatible usleep patches . Why NPC replacer have creature entry i not have idea . "MoreNastyCritters.esp loading after Bijin AIO.esp " i keep follow your installation guide everything seems working well Thank you for answer MadMansGun we owe you .?
  3. Hello Finaly bought new computer fresh install skyrim mods etc. (is going well for now:) ) I noticed something trying Loot order my mods always MoreNastyCritters.esp going above Bijin AIO.esp (Bijin NPC Mods) checked with Tes5edit Bijin AIO.esp there was something about werewolf and vampire entry (Screenshot) is this cause any damage gameplay with MNC ? or I should delete these entries ? Thanks (sorry for poor english and noob question:=) )
  4. Did you install Luxury Collection 1.7fix patch ? if you install order like this shouldn't be a problem : 1 : install Luxury Collection 2 : install Luxury Collection 1.7fix.7z (patch overwrite Caliente tools files I would recommend deleting this the after creating the Lux Bodyslide) 3 : install RenaPG CBBE NIOHH.7z ( This patch have latest Luxury Collection esp and fixes Thanks RenaPG) 4 : Batch Build your bodyslide preset 5 : Unistall Luxury Collection 1.7fix.7z patch in this way everything works fine to me
  5. I'm misunderstood (sry for horrible english) 1: Unistall MNC Hentai creatures 2: Load latest save game your playthrough 3: Create new Save Game without MNC Hentai Creatures 4: İnstall latest MNC Hentai Creatures 5: Load Latest Save Game ( non MNC Hentai Creatures ) 6: Learn Hentai spell again 7: Problem solved  in this way I solved my problem Sabre Cat spawn Fox
  6. got same issue I solved the problem like this 1: Unistall MNC Hentai creatures 2: Create new Clean Save Game 3: İnstall latest MNC Hentai Creatures 4: Load Clean Save 5: Learn Hentai spell again 6: Problem solved
  7. Thank you so much @EvilReFlex if anyone need there is SG Female Textures Renewal patch by @EvilReFlex SoS - ERF - High Poly SG Textures Smooth.7z SoS - ERF - High Poly SG Textures WeT Smooth.7z SoS - ERF - High Poly SG Textures.7z
  8. Upgrade today v10.1A everythings my game look's fine This is a great effort continuously updated Thank you @MadMansGun
  9. @MadMansGun i'm really noob for skyrim mod's sexlab etc...but you doing great documentation and mod's making easy install for those like me. We owe you so much Thanks
  10. This mod is addictive i cant stop selling my body Thank you
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