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  1. Quite a nice mod despite the coding problems. Edited it so it uses ABM traits instead, though.
  2. despite the fact that I'm kind of upset about removal of Deus Vult from the game, can we get back on track and stray away from /pol/itics at least on this website?
  3. Your thoughts? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1158310/Crusader_Kings_III/
  4. Can you tell me the mod's name, please?
  5. It's not possible to make events pull up with diffirent images as far as i can see. You can just ctrl+c ctrl+v your event and place diffirent images in copies and then randomise them. This is very weird solution, but it's going to work.
  6. Never trued to change UI scaling, maybe that will work, dunno. I'll try it later.
  7. Yep, I tried. By the way, I reinstalled your mod just for making these screenshots.
  8. Also, I know that they are the right size, I checked it in the mod folder (I like modding sometimes too), so I dont really understand why the heck this happens.
  9. As far as I understand, you asking me about my video card. So, I have GTX 1060 6GB video card and I think that it's not related to this bug compeletely.
  10. Hi. As i can see, hoxi don't posted the screenshot of his problem. Unfortunately, I have the same thing. And, I decided to give you the screenshot of this bug. As far as I know, not all of the portraits are bugged, only the biggest part of them.
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