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  1. Btw, is it possible to add support for other races, like Selachii, Lupine (which is another version of Vulpine), Amelia, and Deathclaw races?
  2. Good to know. Found out I also chose the normal version by accident, heh. Maybe mark it as with Armor Keywords? There's a growing group of users that use AWKCR-R and Crafting Framework as alternatives.
  3. Hey, why does INVB_Outfits_Framework now require AWKCR? It didn't used to do that.
  4. That's great. Also, quick question, why does the Clothes Framework now require AWKCR? Forgot this was AAF Family Planning Enhanced, not Wasteland Dairy Framework, heh.
  5. So, I've noticed on how the latest one actually simplified the marriage questline, and I'm actually good with it. Kinda limits the overall usage of the mod. Quick question, I just noticed you're gonna add rings. What if you also create compatibility with Immersive Lover's Embrace Remastered sometime? EDIT: Noticed you haven't removed it yet, the whole father questline. Btw, do you have a discord server? Maybe it helps a lot if you have a discord so people can help out.
  6. Please don't. That's how you get the sensible players disappear on this site. That's why Flashy left because interesting concepts got removed because people wanted just the perversions.
  7. I actually managed to fix things, and it's all on me. Haha. But anyway, I added your RCR Tag and your xml edits.
  8. Hello! I noticed that this mod modified the DEF_INV tags, is there a reason why? Anyway, it caused some minor glitches with FallUI, and with FallUI's FO4Edit Complex Sorter, do you know how I can implement it instead of breaking my Fallout 4's Pip-Boy area?
  9. Well, with Fusion Girl you'll also have a different skeleton that'll work better for male bodies such as BodyTalk, also Fusion Girl actually has built-in 3BBB before the CBBE 3BBB mod arrived.
  10. Well, it looks like I'll have to remake my mod to patch BIS - Food Module, which is effectively a food overhaul with some condom dispensers, to use this one's items, unless the Form IDs for the Condom hasn't changed.
  11. Ah, that's good to know then. I decided to move Fertile Breeder's items instead of Living Desert's items. Granted, I had to move some markers and items to make it more workable. I might also add a fence gate, actually, maybe.
  12. Hey, got any tips when moving a whole quest scenario? Duke the Deathclaw is clipping inside Living Desert's NCR Medic Tent on the back of the Mojave Outpost and all.
  13. Hmm... do you think you can rewrite FPE to read off Advanced Needs 2's systems instead of the other way around? Apparently it needs a rewrite to just make AN2 join along with FPE.
  14. Well... when I used Looksmenu 1.6.18 with latest Buffout 4 and F4EE Fix disabled, it reports bad memory allocation for me.
  15. Looksmenu 1.6.18 forces you to remove Buffout 4 because of memory handling errors, breaking the game even without F4EE fix...
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