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  1. You just have to press ` to open the console
  2. Can you create triggers based on height values in portrait_animations with this?
  3. Okay so the event you found is called carn_sex_scene.002 and unfortunately it isnt an actual event you can see. You can observe the notes written in what you yourself pasted: # 0002. Fallback event for when no scene matches the provided parameters. # This simply resets flags and fires the paradox sex scene "Carnalitas: No appropriate sex scene could be found for requested flags. Fell back to generic PDX sex scene." you can also notice it says hidden = yes - this means the window won't show. the important thing for you here is that it says trigger_event = { i
  4. @Mange2020 don't you think the penis sizes get a bit too large on average? it's hard to adjust for all sizes lmao. punctured throat: Changing erection_size_animation_correction max = from 0.5 to 0.4 makes things a lot easier to handle Also, do you know why head animation sometimes doesn't loop and only plays once? I can't figure it out
  5. Hi there, if you've downloaded this mod and installed it correctly, all you would have to do is change the animation in the event you like. 1. Go to the mod folder of a mod you want to change 2. Go to the /events/ sub-folder 3. Find the event you want to change, this will be denoted something like event_name.001 = { ....... } 4. There wil be a section with left_portrait = { } and right_portrait = { }. This is where it is defined what characters are shown in the event, what they wear, and what animation they are playing For example from a very
  6. it's mod conflict, after the latest ck3 update things are really weird with remove_default_outfit - this mod tries to address that but it can conflict with others Check if it isn't a different mod causing this
  7. I'm just thinking about scenes with 3 characters etc. i'm a bigger fan of a scenery than closeups, especially closeups here are really not something I would personally care about as things are bound to look funny up close with penetration or characters touching. Also those weird lines on the skin appear if u look to close! Imagination definitely smoothens thing out better when you see fewer obvious faults. More area is always good, you could have characters walking around etc acting out an entire scene, rather than just some base sex position loop. I think this has pote
  8. no invisibility to be seen here. how far do you reckon is too far for the cameras to handle? it's a bit hard to fit everything up close. I'm gonna test it out.
  9. no problem look at woman's left leg and man's right arm EDIT: sorry didnt realise u wanted the one with the leg lol, attached also @Mange2020 doggy v3.blend fucked up leg.blend
  10. @Mange2020 If you think adding more cameras will improve the situation i'd say it's pursuing. Do you have any schematic as for how these cameras are positioned currently? I feel like certain placement along the axis will be better than others for posing and animation. See below how i've butchered her left leg, and the damn thing is still not being hidden and instead overlapping: I think currently the option is to use more camera tricks, e.g. hide her left leg behind her right one, but it severely restricts what can be done and also will
  11. I think I get the concept i'll try spacing the models out a bit more and see how that goes
  12. Your body_sex.anim doesn't have this issue where left_character takes full precedense over right_character, the models are interlocking fine without anyone going transparent: The animations i did before were doing fine too. The only thing i was doing differently this time is in blender i was having trouble importing the male and female body meshes at the same time (it wouldn't import the skeleton for the 2nd one), so i did it by opening two instances of blender, importing both at the same time and then copying one body+bone from one instance to the other. It's
  13. @Mange2020 Okay, new thing - unwanted xray effect I made this animation so that they are rotating and clipping through each other on purpose to showcase it any ideas? unwanted xray.mp4
  14. That sounds good, my idea here is mostly to try things out and pave the way for others as I'm really no good animator at all I tried to copy the female animations onto a male body but the bones don't match - bad for lazy people like me but makes for better flexibility with animation for sure This nun dress is so robust i don't think there is a way to make it not clip hehehehe here's the testing animation i made female_body_spanked.anim female_body_spanking.anim
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