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  1. Oh yeah .. a reupload would be much appreciated! I can't find those car models anywhere else
  2. g-mus

    Lilithya Silverstorm

    Nice ! Good to see you put her on here too. Already downloaded from Nexus though
  3. g-mus

    Bathing in Skyrim

    Awesome... Thanks mzin_ !
  4. Awesome ! Can't wait to see them in NSAP... Thanks.
  5. Thanks! This will come in handy ... Really appreciate the modders permissions too!
  6. g-mus

    Cutting the Cheese!

    a cheese-slicing mod with 27 screenshots ! Awesome. Love it! ...wish i could endorse edit: just came back from nexus...endorsed ! hehe
  7. g-mus

    SexLab PaySexCrime

    hmm, terribly sorry for stirring things up! It only looked looked like the guards were responsible.... The main error was elsewhere.... Everything is working fine now. Nooby mistake to jump to conclusions and post them. My bad....
  8. g-mus

    SexLab PaySexCrime

    well, yeah..kinda... it occured after using it. (no blame involved, i know about the risks of mods/modding!) I'm using a new game, cause i had to test if scripts were being executed correctly, and now i'm thinking maybe it's a problem that i don't have a bounty anywhere... Most likely it's a conflict with another mod that fiddles with the guards and i don't know about it... Since i'm the only one with that problem, the error is most likely caused on my side. thanks for the fast reply Mr.Sinister !
  9. g-mus

    SexLab PaySexCrime

    Hmm.. i got another issue. My game freezes everytime i'm getting close to a cityguard. I've been trying to zero in on the problem, but no real success so far. It doesn't matter wich city the guard is from and every other place works fine with fast-travel / coc / walking... Quite strange... i also uninstalled the mod, cleaned the savegame, waited in-game and slept, started a new game.... nothing. It's freezing as soon as the guard is in range for a conversation. There is no other mod in my loadlist that does something to the guards dialogs (to my knowledge...) I am fiddling with a new worldspace atm, so i didn't recognize there was a problem earlier, ...sorry. Any ideas?
  10. g-mus

    PentShack - Whiterun

    444 downloads for a simple home on LL! Thanks guys..
  11. @CPU: Males and females do work fine for me in the CK. I'm using a ''standard'' UNP Body with XMPS skeleton, maybe that has got something to do with it? On the other hand... i've had some crashes in-game when the females were around. Oh, i rescaled them to normal NPC size btw.....!?
  12. g-mus

    East Reach House

    He he.. my exact thoughts about half a year ago. That sounds like you should check out the nexus' abodes (if you didn't), there are quite some shacks there some are really cool, but most are first-time mods. Be sure to check out: Windpeak Cottage, Frostflake Top(my Fav), Skaal Igloo, Skyview, Alchemists Hidden Valley , Murtr Cabin and Shelter Cabins and Hideouts. Might as well start with my stuff over there.... although i didn't come here to advertise, it's just nice to see that others feel the same need.
  13. g-mus

    PentShack - Whiterun

    How embarrassing...i didn't know i could just add another file to the submission,so ...i just uploaded the Real Shelter v.1.4 update should anyone encounter problems with the raintrigger. The mainfile is of course needed.
  14. g-mus

    PentShack - Whiterun

    Hi Asrienda, thanks for taking the time to reply ! - the stairs do not have a collisionmesh so i had to put in a collisionbox. It works flawless if you walk fast/run over it.. - the bedroll tends to have it's own life, guess that's because of the havok-physics. You can pick it up and put it where you want to have it ;-) - Yes, the invisible object is the stone-base on the woodbeams. I could delete the meshes, but not the collisionbox.....sorry. - Well... the discolight seems like an old friend to have a chat with...hihi... i didn't care much about that, but i can ake a look into it. Maybe i can disable the activation... Thanks..... have fun!