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  1. Dammit, it's been years since I really looked into lewd mods for CK II. Nice to see so many new mods. Also, glad to see Dark World still going, but I would like to see more Werewolf stuff. I remember somebody writing pages worth of suggestions, and old version of the mod had a nice way for female ruler to become a bitch, portions of that survived into this mod (but images were replaced and so on), I see. I still have some of those old versions around, with some unimplemented events, like tentacle sex after ''reading poetry'' (or was it from some other mod?). Fuck, time flies.
  2. Despite some problems I enjoyed the mod but I wish there was more to it. Especially with Atia, wish there was more interaction, for her. Maybe her getting broken and starting to enjoy being a slave (she did see to be resigned to her faith anyway), I think it's mentioned that cult will do something like that to her if you side with them, but I was disappointed that nothing came of it. Is mod still developed, btw?
  3. I see, I guess I will find a way to disable it flat out. They ruin my immersion.
  4. It has been a long time. Just wanted to ask, will there be more werewolf and to lesser degree tentacle and orc stuff? I remember that there was little of it so I even added some events from past version of this mod, like rumors about werewolf activity that might lead to female ruler becoming a bitch (there was one not implemented tentacle event too). Also, is there a way to limit whoring events to non noble characters, or just flat out disable it?
  5. Might be conflict with some other total conversion mod (or just any other mod in general). I've got the targeted decision to work when just running Dark World in vanilla CK2, but I can't get it to appear running Dark World alongside CK2+ or After the End. Most likely, I run it with my own personal mod.
  6. Is enslaving broken? I don't have targeted decision to enslave prisoners.
  7. I don't suppose you're still planning on releasing that? I know, this close to an update seems like a poor time to ask, but man *arm scratches* I need my fix man. Yes, waiting for update, also there is still some things I need to finish.
  8. Yeah, this new dlc.... Might as well wait for when they balance it. Also, thinking about adding one more feature for werewolf sub mod.
  9. I ALREADY messed with it and have those spells for my sub mod, modifiers and traits are in DWCore, so I just needed to get other stuff from original DW. I'm planing to do more then just to use old content though, I have seen some unused content in mod files too.
  10. Tentacle spells per any chance? Was thinking of making sub mod on them too, maybe expanding on them.
  11. My sub mod for Creatures of Night is almost complete, though it needs some more testing to see if everything works properly. It adds feral werewolf event chain from original Dark World 1.25, adds decision for werewolf to turn their wife(s) and or concubine(s) into bitches, and or impregnate them (it's really just visit your lover decision, with ability to turn spouse into bitch), and I also played around with werewolf hunt scopes, so that player werewolf, or AI, shouldn't target their parents therefore reduce incest happening, it doesn't include siblings though, and needs some more testing. Anyone interested? If it works well I might upload it later.
  12. Clearly, you've yet to play a pack of werewolves. Werewolf Bitches and the eventual (correct me if I'm wrong) Omega Male events make family uh... relations(?) kinda messy. I haven't tested it from the female side of things, but being the - for lack of better words - Alpha Male in a pack forged kingdom and I tend to worry about all the general opinion penalties that crop up from the daughters that end up with the Werewolf Bitch modifier when I choose to hunt for a bitch. Very messy lines of succession... Hmm, I have seem to find way to exclude characters mother from potential targets, even if she has that modifier. Not sure if I can do it for siblings, at any rate, it needs more testing.
  13. Just mod out inbred. Who knows if genetics with supernatural creatures would even apply. I would rather just have option that excludes close relatives from being potential targets (not counting spouse), but so far I did not have luck to set it up, if anyone tries and manages to do it, please, share the script for it.
  14. New system is better, though I agree that ability to target specific character would be nice. I do not like incest, especially if it happens to AI, mostly because of bad traits it produces, it would be great to have system that discourages incest but not outright disallows it.
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