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  1. Create a backup of your saves, disable and uninstall YA 5.09 and simply install new version. Should work fine.
  2. I've thought about switching to MO2,, but I guess I won't migrate from MO1 until this is fixed and everything is polished.
  3. Quick question: Do Wet and Cold and Inigo still work without patches?
  4. Referring to my other comment about removing hair and beards, will someone kindly walk me through it? I've installed the Creation Kit, and now I need to see if I can load up Yiffy Age into it? Or? After that, how do I do facegen? Sorry for acting like a noob, never used the CK before...
  5. Hi. I am impressed with the work you've done with YA 5.0! I've been waiting for it for a while now. I do however have one question... Is it possible to remove hair and facial hair completely from furries? I prefer them hairless and only fur. This is the only thing bothering me for now. If someone could instruct me on how to do this, I would greatly appreciate it. A hairless patch would also be amazing if you aren't already busy or don't mind, but I understand if you don't want to put time and effort into it.
  6. Looks REALLY good BD! As said by the McDonalds slogan, I'm lovin' it!
  7. Hey BadDog, do you think you could make a patch for "A Naked World"? It plays fine with Yiffy Age except for the fact that it turns the furries into plantigrade form instead of digitigrade. I think I know how to fix it, though. It might involve deleting any reference towards footwear with xEdit. I could try this myself and see if that helps. It'd be tedious as hell though! EDIT: Yep. I deleted the reference that was directed toward the footwear I was wearing, and loaded up the game and equipped the iron boots, and I am still in digitigrade form. Awesome. Now to do this for every s
  8. I have a couple of questions. I saw that you did some time ago modify skeletons to be dog skulls, but I'm not seeing that in-game. Did you include it? Also, not sure if you know this, but the statues that you furrified have no collisions, I can walk right through them. Was wondering if you had plans to fix that. :P
  9. BadDog said he might make it SSE compatible in version 5.0, I believe.
  10. I was looking for a mod that makes all armor sets completely invisible (and marked as "revealing" for SOS) for the player AND NPC's, but still have an armor rating. Haven't had any luck. Thanks.
  11. May I ask which masters exactly? I've cleaned all Skyrim masters (Update.esm + all DLC, NOT Skyrim.esm) And I've also trying cleaning the Sofia follower mod, but is already clean. I've tried cleaning Yiffy Consolidated.esp, BadDogSchlongCore.esm.... etc, nothing is working. When I put in the actual Sophia Patch, it won't let me edit, as it's missing a master. Grr. Thanks for the help though. EDIT: Fuck it. I'm installing SOS and doing what the other guy said. XD
  12. Is it actually worth it to move from MO Legacy to MO2? I've been interested in trying MO2 just not sure if it's all that worth it. Will I need to relearn everything? I've mostly learnt everything about MO Legacy. I'd like to know before I start a new playthrough though.
  13. Okay, sorry for the spam... but... I have another problem. I do not want to include beast schlongs, (Nor any nudity for that matter), so I have disabled the schlong.esp and have not installed SOS. Now whenever I go to add a patch for the Sofia follower, it says I am missing a master file, which turns out to be SOS. I am kinda confused as this is a female follower, and I have no idea why it would require it? Is it truly required or can I ignore it? I also have the Inigo patch, yet does not say anything is missing for him? Hmm...
  14. May I ask how you plan to do this so I can do the same? I'll admit the heads and the textures look really good, but as I said before, the hair just ruins it for me. ? As long as there is a way to remove the hair, I'll update to YA 5.0. I'm really excited that you're still constantly working on and updating YA however! One question though... I know you said uninstalling the mod could be dangerous, but is it safe to update the mod mid-playthrough? Would it be a good idea to back up all my mods and saves before attempting? Just wondering if I were to start a n
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